Creating a winning strategy with human-centered innovation: Brillio-designed Yokohama app recognized for design and outstanding service

Benjamin Lourenco • March 15, 2019
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If we want to be successful as the leading company delivering digital transformation solutions, we need to provide the ‘wow’ experience  for our customers by delivering what was once thought impossible. We need to focus first and foremost on the customer need. And that customer need must go beyond the obvious. We need to dig deeper to truly understand the wants and needs of each user and stakeholder.

We have to ask ourselves, how can we make a product or service more desirable to the users? How can that product or service improve each user’s quality of work and life? What is the “right” problem that needs to be solved? Only by going beyond the obvious, developing empathy for our customers and prioritizing design thinking and customer experience can we create a winning strategy for our customers and us, the providers of technology consulting and solutions. Case in point, we were able to do just that with Yokohama.

The company was shifting its focus to more customer-oriented issues, and mobility emerged as a key technology to execute on its strategy of building more digitization across operations. For instance, Yokohama needed to remove  many of its manual processes, like printing and distributing thousands of manuals

We started the process by embracing the design thinking process. That included our meeting with various stakeholders to understand their pain points so that we could identify and solve the right problems.

Our vision was to deliver an app that provided a superior user experience using cutting-edge digital platforms to remove manual processes, improve operations and provide each user with an exceptional experience tailored to his or her needs. On time and on budget, we successfully delivered the Yokohama Tire Spec app, accomplishing the following key customer goals:

  • Real-time product information with self-serve features through the app
  • Removal of manual processes, such as printing and distributing thousands of brochures
  • Improved customer experience and adoption rate

With our design-thinking principles and experience-led approach, we were able to deliver the right product that solves the right problems for Yokohama. We successfully bridged the gap between business needs and what technology can deliver by identifying Yokohama’s values, building experience objectives that deliver on those values, and creating exceptional journeys for individual users.

The app was met with great enthusiasm, and we were thrilled to learn that the work we did with Yokohama has been recognized as a winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019  for discipline in service design in the retail category! This international award selects the world’s best design achievements and further solidifies Brillio’s leadership role in design-led digital transformation.

For more information on Brillio, our work with Yokohama and how we can help you move faster to reach your desired outcomes, visit

About iF DESIGN AWARD 2019

iF DESIGN AWARD 2019 received 6,375 entries from 52 nations covering seven disciplines. The award ceremony takes place today, March 15th, at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany. Winners will be presented in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE, published in the iF design app and exhibited in the iF design exhibition Hamburg.

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