Enterprise cloud trends in 2019 that will shape the future of industry.

Brillio • March 22, 2019
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Enterprise Cloud Trends 2019: Fueling the Digital Transformation Story

Cloud computing has slowly gained visibility within the enterprise segment since digital disruption catapulted. This form of digital transformation is widely altering the face of businesses across the world. The year 2018 has been fruitful for the cloud as it transitioned from being just an inexpensive storage alternative for small size and mid-size businesses, and startups into becoming the nucleus of digital transformation for enterprises.

As a driver of digital disruption, the cloud has helped enterprises in putting aside technology roadblocks.  North American enterprises have either adopted cloud or shifted their mission workloads to the cloud, which is estimated to be as much as 60% as per analyst estimates. Going above and beyond this, experts have speculated that non-adopters are quite likely to make significant investments soon in on-premises private cloud using the same open source software that power public hyperscale clouds.

From being expected to be the fastest to finish, to becoming effective in helping enterprises navigate their digital journeys along the lines of governance, security and performance, the role of cloud MSP’s has changed. As Day 2 operations come into the limelight, we believe the following key trends will help cloud MSP’s push the maturity needle of enterprise cloud ecosystems  in 2019.

Automation backed NoOps: The next level of agility in IT operations

Speed and flexibility in technology are the new benchmarks of IT teams, and cloud has largely been credited for bringing a transformation when it comes to setting up infrastructure requirements for development teams. The result is a massive drop in the lead time- from months to days, and further to hours and minutes, with NoOps.

By making analytical capabilities work in conjunction with automation, enterprises can run their IT on a consumption-based model, and, in a true sense, lead their IT operations to a XaaS’d state. Besides this, specialist MSPs will be able to enable agility in a true sense by harnessing automation in key transactional processes related to deployment, monitoring, and management of applications.

Multi-Cloud Governance: Coming of age in 2019

The latter half of the year 2018 saw almost 100% increase in multi-cloud deployments, involving different public cloud platforms. Adding up multiple clouds did not lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), as a whole new layer of complexity was added to governance.

The complexity of cross-platform, multi-cloud environment doubles up the risk of silos creation, increasing operational gaps and deep erosion of the cost advantage. Therefore, in 2019, we will experience an ever-increasing need for a centralized application powered by intelligent automation, enabling seamless governance, platform integration and cost prudence.

Serverless Architecture and Containers: Entering into an era of hyper adoption

Forrester estimates an upsurge in-app modernization, and enterprise IT spends will be substantially allocated to building applications harnessing the power of AI, IoT and cloud databases. In this scenario, serverless computing and containerization will be required to operate at a scale as enterprises modernize legacy apps.

The hottest trend in the cloud ecosystem and, probably, the game changer for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) will be building application-based capabilities to deploy, monitor, secure, scale and upgrade containers easily and rapidly. As cloud computing advances in 2019, Global Systems Integrators (GSIs) will be making way for digital pure plays; as they are ahead of the curve in creating application-based and enterprise-ready development environments.

At the outset, 2019 promises to be an eventful year for Infrastructure and Operations professionals as cloud technology moves into the next stage of evolution. However, in the next year, the biggest challenge for enterprise IT managers will be to take calculated gambles by going beyond the safety net of familiar GSIs and evaluate MSPs that build automation platforms for quickly addressing the rapidly rising challenges of modern cloud environments.

At Brillio, we have built an application platform called CLIP™ for monitoring and managing platforms. This will help enterprise IT to address challenges that complex multi-cloud environments will put out.

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