CDAOI UK 2019 Key Takeaways: Brillio Showcases The New Know-How Of Winning With Modern Data Ecosystem

Brillio • March 28, 2019

Brillio recently exhibited and showcased the new know-how of winning with modern data ecosystem at the CDAOI UK 2019.

Yogesh Jain, Head of Analytics teamed up with Caroline Carruthers, Executive Director of Carruthers and Jacksons to deliver the keynote on Soup to Nuts of Modern Data Ecosystem. With the theme filling the room on the idea of how important data is as an asset within the organization and why exactly do organizations fail to incorporate it in system the right way, the keynote touched upon the advisory model needed to bring speed and direction to data & analytics adoption journey.

The analogy of data adoption journey with Age of Empires is akin to the gameplay that witnesses a novice trying to balance the offense and defence from a myopic view of the strategy for building the city. Similarly, organizations trying to inculcate and adopt data transformation for the first time falls in the gamut of aspects associated with data adoption but fail to support it with the right framework.

We explored the various levels of synergies that come between data and organization strategy over a conversation with one of our clients, Sriram Iyer – Director of Data & Analytics COATS group. The conversation covered the current perception of data for organizations stepping in the transition mode for the first time. The perception of data as an independent fuel running the show without shifting gears at an organizational level with it, leads to a great opportunity cost and less impact.

CDAOI UK saw over 200 attendees and 60 speakers talking about the much-needed alignment between data and corporate strategic objectives. CDO has taken an important seat at the decision table of the enterprise that realises the value of data.

As the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) becomes an understood requirement for organizations all over Europe, those that are ahead in their ability to treat data as an asset have gained a competitive advantage. Leaps in the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, as well as analytics creates vast opportunities to build business value through improving defensive and offensive data and analytics strategies.

Watch our conversation with COATS group here.

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