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Transforming Global Sales Operations through Advanced Analytics and Insight Generation

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Enabling advanced analytics adoption in the decision-making engine of the organization to accelerate topline deal conversions and better insights consumption.

About the Customer

The company is the industry leader in wired, wireless and security networking solutions for today’s experience edge.

Business Challenges

Company’s Global Sales Ops envisioned a singular way of reporting and insights generation for all regions. They also wanted to build a steady stream of advanced analytics use cases to solve some of their key pain points and bring predictability in their decision making. By doing these, the Company wanted to empower the stakeholders to optimize time to consume reports, generate insights to understand business health and take proactive decisions.

One of the challenges on the way to achieving this was a lack of standardized KPIs and metrics across regions. With a discrete view of KPIs and metrics by regions, the client expected significant change management efforts to align stakeholders to the new way of reporting and insights. Company’s current reporting mechanism lacked self-serve capabilities resulting in high number of adhoc requests from stakeholders, resulting in operating inefficiencies. They wanted a consulting as well as tech enabled engagement to drive consensus on KPI and metric definitions across stakeholders and build robust visualizations to enable quicker insight generation.

Given the challenges around change management and adding technical flexibility to the reporting mechanism, client was looking for an organization which was adept in doing this with years of experience behind them. By overcoming the challenges, they foresaw an improvement in its deal conversions directly impacting their topline.

Brillio Solution

The solution looked at the following key aspects to meet the client’s objective:

  • Standardization

As a first step towards standardization, Brillio’s SMEs engaged with key client’sstakeholders in workshops to understand the current business process, gaps, and challenges. Gap and challenges identification were key to developing the reporting and insights roadmap for client showing business value realization in the short to medium term. Based on the regional variation in KPI and metrics identified, Brillio consulted with the stakeholders to identify one common ground for all KPIs and metrics. It also brought the regional stakeholders to appreciate the need for one common source for all reporting and insights to bring uniformity and accuracy to the analysis.

  • Reporting and Insights

Brillio developed dashboards and reports for key business areas of Sales Ops such as booking, revenue, deals, pipeline, channel and sales team performance. Additionally, Brillio also created an executive dashboard for the consumption of CXOs to enable better business health understanding and quicker decision making.

  • Booking Dashboards – The dashboards helped stakeholders across regions to assess booking health at various dimensions and identify top customers contributing to the bookings. It also helped bridge the leakage between booking and revenue realization.
  • Revenue Dashboard – This dashboard captures the Gross Revenue, Gross Margin and Net Margin view of the business at various levels. This helped stakeholders identify revenue performance and root causes for margin declines.
  • Deal Dashboard- To enable assessment of discounts offered on each deal and expected revenue/discount from each deal.
  • Pipeline Dashboard – To provide a holistic view of pipeline performance and identify reasons causing a decline in pipeline
  • Channel Dashboard – To help understand channel performance and identify inventory needs
  • Sales Team Performance dashboard – To understand top down view of salesperson performance and identify areas of improvement
  • Executive Dashboard- To capture KPIs for executive leadership to understand overall business health in terms of revenue, bookings, pipeline, channel
  • Quarterly insights generation for company’s Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Advanced Analytics

Brillio identified a few key use cases for Advanced Analytics implementation. Client had a manual way of assessing end of quarter wins to understand pipeline performance. This resulted in the offset of budget targets leading to inefficiencies. Brillio developed a predictive way of calculating end-of-quarter pipeline wins to a greater level of accuracy. This helped in better assessment of pipeline and revenue targets.

The current way of insights generation from a dashboard was very manual and time consuming. Brillio developed a mechanism to generate automated insights for the dashboards answering some key questions for the stakeholders. This helped in reducing the time to insights and optimizing effort for insight generation.

Business Benefits and Impact

  • The solution enabled following realization of benefits for the client:
  • 26 Reports automated
  • Reduced time to market for insights by 75%
  • Improved forecast accuracy by 10%
  • Reduced booking leakage by 2%

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