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Redefining Operational Efficiency where every Nanosecond Counts

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Brillio’s expertise in cloud solutions and partnership with AWS helped Times Network scale-up and optimize its IT infrastructural landscape leading to increased productivity and optimized cost.

About TimesNow

Launched in 2006, TimesNowNews is an India-based English news channel operated by Bennett & Coleman and Company Limited (BCCL), a leading media conglomerate. Being a flagship brand of BCCL, multiple digital properties operated as part of the TimesNow viewer experience platform. The revenue model for news-based Indian OTT platforms largely revolves around advertising revenues and content licensing. Hence, digital infrastructure and operations becomes a mission critical component of media business, with extremely fast delivery content delivery capabilities.

Business Challenge

With over 150+ news channels that deliver live 24/7 news, concurrent content delivery across platforms with low latency is essential for survival of business. Even a minor aberration of nanoseconds in content delivery, quickly translates into viewer base erosion, and the ability of command premium on advertising price points.

TimesNow, had planned to pursue growth through market diversification and creating new digital properties for newer market segments and regions, and their cloud infrastructure was the backbone of their digital growth strategy. The challenge was to scale current operations, enhance security, optimize load speed, at the same time ensure total cost of ownership (TCO). Underlining, all the strategy was to ensure zero impact on business continuity and current operations framework.

Brillio, an advanced consulting partner in AWS Partner Network (APN), was identified as the partner for this engagement, an outcome of a screening process undertaken by AWS and TimesNow. Brillio’s, past record with handling large scale managed services project, combined with automation capabilities, made Brillio a natural fit for this engagement.


As the steppingstone of this engagement, Brillio in partnership with AWS did a thorough analysis of the client’s infrastructure stack and recommended key IT requirements to drive significant technology transformation.

Brillio’s customised solution approach was designed to:

    • Leverage latest monitoring and alerting tools with a dedicated DevOps engineering team to respond to business-critical incidents
    • Provide strong audit and governance framework to explore cost optimization avenues and security vulnerabilities

Benefits and Business Impact

    • Reduction in systems downtime thereby increasing productivity
    • Optimized cost by enabling real-time visibility into cloud consumption
    • Enhanced security with regular audit reports and better compliance
    • Significant time reduction in query addressal with a better incident response system
    • Reduction in cycle time to ramp IT resources up or down
    • Increased IT efficiency by automating operational processes

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