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Digitalizing Lock, Stock and Barrel Relocations across America

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Brillio helped manage their global web platform by enabling an engaging, user-centric customer experience.

About Move Inc

Move Inc. is a leading real estate listing company which operates multiple brands such as and that help millions of American users find sale-listings for all things home and moving services.

The increasing volume and variety of user personas and their increasing reliance on websites in real estate, meant that the client required a soup-to-nuts web services digital overhaul which would render a world class customer experience to buyers and sellers thereby resulting in higher traffic, increased responsiveness and improved lead conversion.

Business Challenge

Disparate data systems, lack of personalization and long feature development lifecycles was resulting in declining search experience for users and ultimately decrease in levels of organic traffic to the website from the search engines.

In the absence of a well-defined navigation structure, the website was unable to furnish content focussed and relevant to the customer journeys which led to dissatisfaction and drop in page rankings. Website did not offer the flexibility of search criteria modification at will, language and currency customization further adding to an inadequate buying experience.

Lack of an agile infrastructure alterations regarding current inventory, listings and offers had a high latency and were not being represented in time, thereby giving competitors edge over the client.


Enhancing user engagement with a new age web platform. Brillio leveraged its proprietary Brillio Experience Objectives methodology to ascertain the right customer experience to engage the user and lead them along the buying journey.

Integrated listings of both new homes and existing homes

Data from the separate systems was now unified using APIs which could pull data from the databases. was incorporated into the API to allow customers to customize the designs of their home.

Improvement of the search-experience

The solution optimized the New Home Community search with increased inventory and expanded the search capabilities to offer a more encompassing search. By streamlining the listing certain process, builders could now display all current listings in real time.

Furthermore, the search options on the website were refined to allow users to modify the search criteria along multiple dimensions to deliver personalized search. With the new system in place, for any change or update to a property, regarding price, availability etc. system will be automatically trigger notifications in multiple directions including subscribers, agents and sellers.

Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) to boost organic traffic

Leveraging a serverless site content management application, product owner were empowered to publish SEO content to production directly without multiple development cycles. To boost organic traffic search engine friendly URLs were implemented along with landing pages containing relevant keywords. The navigational structure was optimised with a well-defined site hierarchy.

A responsive website developed using Agile development methodology

To ensure that the data integrity is maintained, and latest changes related to agent and profile information are reflected within a short span of time, Brillio provided an API based web application which provides search facility for agents in any city, state or postal code. All API’s were then migrated to AWS cloud from the on-premise data centre thereby drastically improving performance and quicken the search page results.

To ensure responsiveness and to increase the level of engagement, agile development methodologies with a 100% Test Driven Development approach was followed rigorously. This shortened the release time and bug fixing time this enriching the user experience. To shorten the deployment lead time, the latest tools like JIRA, GIT etc. were used for automation of DevOps. Measures taken to reduce testing time included automation of acceptance tests and parallel execution of tests using the automation framework.

Benefits and Business Impact

    • 52% increase in of traffic/month
    • 12% increase in direct lead submission
    • 30% reduction in development and maintenance costs
    • Responsiveness of the website reduced a factor of 4
    • Reduced content update turnaround time from 40 to 50 hours earlier to less an hour
    • 60% reduction in testing and bug fixing time reducing production deployment from weeks to hours

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