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Data Hygiene Elevates Sales Accuracy

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By smoothly integrating incompatible legacy platforms into a new app that produces more useful data, Brillio energizes the sales force of a business software leader.

About Intermedia

Intermedia is a cloud business application giant, with over a million users and more than 30 services available in their “Office in the Cloud” software suite.

Business Challenge

Intermedia’s data-intensive sales process was complicated by an abundance of duplicate, incomplete or dead data, with multiple, incompatible back-end systems. Intermedia’s sales force was missing too many opportunities due to outdated and incompatible legacy systems.


Brillio’s change engineers deployed a custom app based on Salesforce Wave Analytics to quickly and accurately merge data from disparate legacy systems.


The app reduced the number of confusing data fields, removed data clutter, and reduced or eliminated duplication. Clear, actionable customer sales data was served up via a secure, cloud-based dashboard. Brillio’s new app gave the sales force an easily accessible, information-rich central clearinghouse of useful customer data. The new system simplified the sales lead, development, and closing process. The more efficient data stream allowed more accurate reporting through the interactive dashboard, so the Intermedia sales force could better understand what drives sales and revenue growth. The smoothly integrated system was adopted quickly by the organization, and sales increased.

"Because of Brillio, we now have a flexible Salesforce platform that empowers us to better manage our sales pipeline, lead generation, and reporting needs.They were our true partners as they delivered a solution that helped us use rich data strategically to drive our business."

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