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Integrating Survey Data with CRM for Smarter Decision-Making

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Inquisium developed a survey platform to provide reliable insights with the help of Brillio’s product development expertise.

About Inquisium

Inquisium, a division of Cvent, helps organizations of all sizes create survey programs that produce data driven insights for smart decision making. Through Inquisium, clients manage and store survey responses directly within Salesforce for a holistic view of their most important business data.

Business Challenge

In the post-event survey of attendees, Cvent discovered a gap—companies were using different feedback and survey technologies, none of which were integrating back into their CRM for actionable customer insights from their event. Cvent needed to help their event organizers get actionable event data that fed their CRMs for an integrated feedback process. Cvent founded Inquisium to solve this wide-ranging and complicated business dilemma.


Working through an agile process, the Brillio and Inquisium teams iterated on a feedback tool built on Salesforce that connected the popular CRM to the Cvent platform. The team produced its minimal viable product (MVP) in the first three-month sprint, creating a robust customer dashboard in Salesforce that included event feedback and survey management in one place. Inquisium’s flexible architecture included dynamic and intuitive survey configuration and bi-directional syncing along with optimized analytics to optimize business performance with sophisticated feedback programs.

Benefits and Business Impact

  • Access to robust analytics and sophisticated feedback programs
  • A holistic view into business data to measure and market sales and services more effectively

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