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Infrastructure Migration to Azure to Enable Agile, On-Demand Services

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Delivering seamless and secure migration services and significant cost reduction

About the client

The client is one of the fastest-growing biopharmaceutical companies in India and has been ranked amongst the top 10 Indian biopharmaceutical companies. The Company is based in Mumbai, India, and has over 900 employees.

Customer Challenge

  • The client wanted to migrate from the legacy infrastructure to an agile service, enabled on-demand
  • The customer did not have a Disaster Recovery solution for their production Netweaver/HANA system
  • The client wanted a Hybrid solution for their DR setup, with the primary infrastructure hosted on-premises and DR infrastructure on Azure

Brillio’s Solution

Brillio applied its CLIPTM based automation-led framework to deliver seamless and secure migration services that suited the complex business needs. The proven solution, bundled with cutting-edge tools, was the catalyst for discovering the current SAP ecosystem and enabling Disaster Recovery on Azure.

  • Leveraging Brillio’s Digital Index Assessment-led approach, we presented the most suitable cloud solution that is reliable and highly available
  • Set up DR configuration on Microsoft Azure
  • Configured the HANA Database using asynchronous HANA system replication (HSR) to target 15 mins RPO and 30 mins RTO

Technology Landscape:

  • Environment – Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Operating Systems – AIX, Linux, and Windows
  • Database: Oracle, SQL Server
  • SAP systems – NetWeaver/HANA

Business Impact

Brillio leveraged its strategic relationship with Microsoft to tap into its capabilities to deliver the DR project for the customer.

  • Achieved the target-fallback time of 15 min for RPO and 30 min for RTO
  • Achieved a 30% cost reduction for the customer by setting up the DR infrastructure on Cloud vs. On-Premises
  • Ensured High Availability of systems in case of a disaster

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