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Faster Insights with One Data Platform on AWS

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One Data Platform will enable clients to easily find new insights and create business opportunities


The client needed to enable fast insights generation and to create business opportunities securely, as well as to facilitate data consumers with autonomy to discover and share new insights. Design for a scalable metadata management framework was also a requirement.

The client also needed:

  • A connection between ODP 2.0 to different heterogeneous sources
  • Data security from source data to ODP
  • Establishing connections between third-party data governance tools
  • Implementation of the Lake formation and the consumption layer


Brillio’s solution can be split into three main sections, that together deliver what the client requested, and more.

Single Source of Truth

  • We have mobilized the information across disparate enterprise systems leveraging reusable ingestion frameworks for scalability
  • Gathered information from data sources hosted on-premise and information systems
  • Used AWS Direct Connect to link on-prem data to the cloud and make it operation-ready for further analysis

Security & Governance

  • Leveraged AWS Lake formation for setting up the secure data lake in the cloud
  • Added a PCI-compliant landing zone to ensure the information in a tokenized format
  • Utilized lake formation as a centralized place where we can grant and revoke permissions and access control policies on all the data in the data lake

Intelligent Insights

  • Created separate workspaces for Data Science, Business Intelligence & Self-Serve Analytics needs using Amazon Redshift
  • Leveraged Amazon Redshift for highspeed querying & reliable data access
  • QuickSight capabilities were provided for easy & fast visualization

Business Benefits & Impact

Following Brillio’s implementation, the client managed to significantly speed up insight generation, as well as constantly generate new business opportunities. We also managed to enhance and ensure risk management & regulatory rigor with Lake formation. Now, users can easily store, catalog, classify, improve quality, analyze, and share access to their data for their own decision-making.

  • 55% reduction in data ingestion time
  • 72% reduced time-to-insights
  • Resilient regulatory framework

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