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Salesforce Service Cloud Digitalizes Global Customer Support

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Brillio developed a cloud-based platform to handle customer service requests in multiple languages, providing a more profitable customer experience.

About Eventbrite

Eventbrite is the world’s largest self-service ticketing platform, which allows users in 17+ countries to create, share, find, and attend events they plan and promote.

Business Challenge

As the Eventbrite platform grew in popularity around the world, there was a need for more responsive customer support that handled increasing global traffic, resolved issues at speed and responded to queries in real time.


Brillio leveraged Eventbrite’s proficiency with their existing software to build a customized, global cloud-based customer support center. The new support platform featured a fully integrated customer and event knowledge base; curated, predictive searches with helpful rankings, plus a unique real-time feedback widget and chat channel available in 16 languages.


By giving their online customers an exciting new multimedia experience, Eventbrite provided event organizers and attendees around the world with a robust, brand-centric support center that streamlined the process in both directions. Embedding Google Analytics into the Salesforce Service Cloud improved content and navigation, provided more accurate and detailed advanced case reporting, and reduced average handle time. Site traffic increased six-fold, and service requests were reduced by 30%. More than 15,000 customers completed detailed feedback surveys and expressed satisfaction with the new functionality.

"We had an aggressive timeline and deployment schedule to improve the global self-service functionality of our Eventbrite Support tool for event organizers and attendees in 16 countries. To be successful, we knew we needed a partner with extensive expertise in creating and implementing innovative tools on the Salesforce platform. Brillio’s team proved to be that partner to us, providing not just technical expertise, but valuable insight into user expectations."

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