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Enhancing Data Analytics Maturity Curve

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Brillio transforms the Analytics COE in the networking space with the automation of data access and self-service capabilities for key business insights.

About the Customer

The customer is a wireless networking company based in Santa Clara, California. The organization is 18 years mature and over 7000 people strong with revenue of around $2.9 Billion. Brillio is working closely with stakeholders from Sales & Finance teams to improve visibility to various business walks as well as unearth all issues that currently prohibit the effective generation of business insights and subsequent decision making. Our solution approach revolved around:

  1. The business requirements and encapsulates the current state understanding of customer data strategy and analytics capabilities. The details captured in this document provide insight into the blueprint of the future state data architecture, prioritized list of analytics use cases and implementation roadmap.
  2. Overall Scope for Future-Ready Data Strategy & Analytics Capabilities covering the pain-points faced by the customer with respect to their reporting and proposes future-ready (To-Be) data architecture. To enable business users to derive more value from their data & enhance their reporting capabilities to make data-driven decisions.

Business Challenge

This program is focused on highlighting the challenges faced by the customer. At the end of the program, the business users and the decision-makers of customer organization will be able to:

  • Identify gaps in their current data utilization strategy
  • Access a harmonized data, providing a single source of truth for the entire organization
  • Identify their short term and long term data vision
  • Build uniform processes across the organization
  • Build a skilled and independent data practice through Analytics CoE
  • Have a completely democratized reporting tools and processes in place
  • Refer to a standard glossary for KPI’s

We would be identifying and studying all the source systems and processes across various business functions, geographies, and teams. We will be using our analytics and data expertise to build standard approaches and KPI’s across the organization and single unified source for the truth to refer to through our visualization experts.

This program addresses one of the pressing needs of the decision-making engine of the customer– to be empowered with the ability to enhance the current data landscape and data utilization and introduce new or modified reporting system and generate meaningful insights. The key drivers of this transformation will provide business users with a convenient platform to modify and create business decisions utilizing existing or new reports, dashboards, and use cases.


Below are the key items that were considered as part of the design

  1. Integrated Data On-Demand:
  • Provision for Integration across Internal & External Systems
  • Provision to ingest through a varied mechanism like Push, Pull and APIs
  1. Faster Response to Business Issues through Automation of:
  • Repetitive ad-hoc reporting requirements
  • Data Preparation Steps
  • Known Data Quality Remediation
  • Complex Transformation
  • Canned Reports
  • Summarization and Aggregations
  1. Data Traceability & Control
  • Data lineage & metadata management
  • Data catalog
  • Data protection
  • Data security & access control
  1. Self-Service Capability
  • Self-Service BI & Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  1. Right Tools at Disposal for
  • Data preparation
  • Data Access
  • ETLs of varied complexity
  1. Advanced Analytics
  • Provision for data exploration & Discovery
  • Insights from data from newer and varied sources
  • Predictive Analytics


Brillio leveraged its extensive analytics enablement experience and exhaustive in-house frameworks to perform depth assessment of data, analytics and reporting landscape of an organization to provide a complete view of their ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ state and implement detailed roadmap to move up in the data analytics maturity curve.

  • In-depth assessment of the data, analytics and reporting landscape among other business areas consuming data from data ecosystem focused
  • Identifying both tactical and strategic issues within the system
  • Gauge the future readiness of the client’s existing data architecture to support business teams’ requirements.
  • Defining a roadmap to ensure future-readiness and business adaptability mapped to an organization’s vision.
  • Implement the data harmonization process across the enterprise
  • Picked best standards and practices from various business units and geographies to provide a universal approach in terms of operational procedures and data landscape.
  • Identified varied KPI’s throughout the systems, standardized it and provided a glossary

Business Impact and Benefits

  • A massive reduction in time to market for insights by 75%
  • Improved won forecast accuracy by 12%
  • 26 Reports completely automated
  • Reduced booking leakages by 2%
  • Moved towards a systematized data approach
  • Upgradation to insights as a service
  • Lead to assetization of data
  • Bestowed the customer with operational agility
  • Enhanced data literacy across the enterprise
  • Automated the complete reporting
  • All the tacit knowledge in the organization has been institutionalized

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