Case Study

Enabling Zero Touch Provisioning using Amazon WorkSpaces

Brillio enabled better governance for client sites across the globe with standardized config. and centralized control aligned to user personas.

About the Client 

One of the leaders in pharmaceuticals industry, the client is a multi-national corporation employing over 20,000 people.

Business Challenge

The business was using legacy standard end user device configuration which was leading to over-provisioning for certain profiles like contingent workers/service providers. The customer has multiple offices with multiple user profiles that were spread across various locations. This led to duplication of account creation and delay in provisioning. Manual provisioning was time consuming and asset management was becoming a concern for transient workforces like service providers and contingent workers.


Brillio has built and implemented fully Automated Service Catalog based configurable solution for scale and support multi region, multi account, catering to different user personas for Enterprise. An integrated model with Active Directory, volumes encrypted for Global workspace provisioning and usage. Solution is enabled to self-heal for provisioning failures and unhealthy workspaces.

AWS Services

  • Service Catalog
  • Cloud Formation
  • AWS Workspaces
  • KMS
  • API Gateway
  • Cloud Watch
  • CLI
  • VPC
  • Lambda

Benefits and Business Impact

Brillio’s solution follows zero touch provisioning with On Demand Workspaces. This led to better Governance for client sites across the globe-standardized config. and centralized control aligned to user personas. End to end automated Service Catalog based implementation with change management, monitoring & self-heal capabilities helped customer in better inventory management. With Brillio solution the customer doesn’t have to provision and maintain an on-premises VDI environment. All this comes with Zero-Downtime from system breakdown.

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