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Enabling Faster Insight via a High-Performing Advanced Analytics Platform

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A single source of truth and self-service reporting


The client needed high data processing, increased flexibility, and wanted to become a self-serve analytics-driven organization capable of leveraging industrial-grade analytics models.

  • The absence of a single source of truth and data consolidation
  • Inconsistent data quality across business lines and limited data sets
  • Lack of self-service features in contrast to the current report-oriented scenario


Brillio proposed an AWS-based cloud data platform. For the implementation, we leveraged the Brillio catalog accelerator for one-time metadata creation, along with pyspark for data merge. We also helped with self-service data preparation capability using a template-based approach, and enabled metrics computed using Athena for automated feed to consumption layer – Tableau, data feeds, and APIs.

Brillio also implemented an automated test framework using APTA – Brillio testing accelerator to comprehensively manage data quality for effective build and maintenance, and future data science use cases using multiple domains of data addressed – business, product data, consumer data, lead data, marketing data, etc.

  • Built AWS cloud data lake to act as a single source of truth for heterogeneous data, batch data, and streaming data
  • Handled historical data migration to AWS S3 RAW zone, and leveraged AWS redshift for DWH purposes, streaming data capabilities with Kinesis, in-memory processing using Spark, etc.
  • Leveraged AWS Glue and python shell to perform ETL, data processing, derive data set and Athena for metrics computation
  • Built templates in python for data transformation to get the processed transactional data (PD), business data (BD), and access data (AD)
  • Report rationalization of reports using Brillio CREDTM
  • Standardized metrics consumption across org through APIs and BI tools with Tableau server, as well as integration with self-service reporting via Redshift
  • Centralized development & distribution of reports
Key Enablers
  • Reporting consolidation using Brillio CREDTM framework
  • Athena and Glue to build business KPIs for streamlined insight generation
  • Brillio Automated testing and DQ framework for data consistency and quality

Business Benefits & Impact

Following the implementation, the client immediately started seeing a significant improvement, from a 4x ROI increase – with a profit of $28 mil, to much more streamlined and optimized data operations.

  • ROI of 4x times the investment (Approx profit of ~$28M)
  • Reduced time to insights by approx. 45%
  • 56% reduction in the cost of data storage
  • 50% faster new data source onboarding
  • 65% Reduction in Data preparation time

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