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Enabling Buyer Delight Through a Re-Imagined Frictionless Checkout, Payment, And Security Experience​

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Streamlining Checkouts, Payment, And Security for a Leading eCommerce Retailer

About the Customer

The client is one of the largest American-based, global commerce leaders that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world and enables economic opportunities for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations.

Business Challenges

The inability to consistently deliver high-quality personalized engagements that result in seamless transitions through checkouts and finalized purchases was a major hurdle for the client in their bid to enable a superlative online shopping experience​. 

The client also wanted to ensure that while it offers more convenient channels for payments, there are zero compromises with transaction security. The client wanted a security-guided user journey without any breakpoints for the experience, as well as fraud detection initiatives to comply with federal authorities and fraud detection regulations due to multiple cases of fraud on the platform​.

Brillio’s Solution

Brillio delved into the engagement with a design thinking-led approach and re-imagined the ideal buyer experiences through a series of immersion workshops. With the buyer personas at the heart of the design, Brillio’s Design Studio developed data-backed, trustworthy, and intuitive UX journeys.

Leveraging its experience in creating interconnected economies via APIs, Brillio integrated various payment partners onto the platforms to enable multiple payment methods while also providing flexibility of custom workflows for high-value items.

Brillio also ensured the connected platform is integrated with federal and reporting systems for adherence to the payments security and compliance policies.

Business Impact

The streamlined and frictionless customer engagement enabled with intuitive designs for purchases and checkouts accounted for major reductions in cart abandonment and significantly improved customer experience.

  • 10% Improvement in buyer satisfaction
  • 34% spend alignment with revenue
  • 60% features added helped win market share

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