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Enabling a holistic and empathetic healthcare experience for cancer patients

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Curating the world’s first single-source information application that helped users of all age groups benefit from a seamless and effective user experience

About the Client

The client is one of the Cancer Treatment Medical Start-up in the USA providing a seamless digital experience to patients.


The US healthcare market is a complicated labyrinth of decision making with no single curated information source for the patients. For better patient experience, the client wanted a holistic app that would provide easy navigation and delightful experiences throughout their journey of diagnosis to make an informed decision. To address the key challenge of broken communication and disjointed experiences the key requirements included –

  • Design and develop a curated patient-centric and user friendly platform that is scalable and extendable across devices as required. Enable ease of navigation for patients during their diagnosis and treatment
  • Help the company monetize the application through advertising, marketing, and product sales/service
  • Offer app-directed education which provides centralized, clinically curated, understandable information to guide patients towards the making of informed decisions, based on their health


Brillio partnered with the client through design thinking workshops to identify the pain points, define the art of possible, and roadmap the technology interventions to deliver the re-imagined user experience.

With constant collaboration and Brillio’s deep rooted expertise in the healthcare domain, Brillio successfully delivered end-to-end solution from ideation, need analysis, product blueprint, prototyping, Minimum Viable Product development, and integration with medical records database to go-live. The key solution highlights are:

  • Responsive User Interface (UI), scalable on all form factors
  • Cloud enabled, for scalability
  • Reusable App Shell & UI Components
  • Extendable to other regions & languages
  • Audio and video-based teleconsultation
  • Curated content for patients (Content Management System)
  • Scheduling and calendaring of appointments
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enabled upload of medical records


By putting customer experience at the center of the app building process, and empathy at the core of the customer journey, we’ve helped the customer develop a holistic app for fostering innovation by focusing on the patient experience.

The feature set included in the app ensured that it was empowering the patients to take action to improve their own health situations.

Some of the key benefits from this application can be summarized as below:

  • Seamless and intuitive user experience
  • Integrated with leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) platforms for easy accessibility
  • Secure and single tenancy-based solution
  • Uniform pricing across the market

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