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Building the First Digital Channel Ecosystem for Early-Stage Ventures

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New-age digital transformation with Brillio’s scalable enterprise architecture

About the customer

One of the largest U.S. based high-tech commercial banks. The bank has helped fund more than 30,000 start-ups.

Business Challenge

Early-Stage Ventures had a high dependency on basic and complex banking functions and third-party vendors. Founders of these early-stage ventures needed a digital channel, built exclusively for them. The client wanted to position themselves as the best choice and the most differentiated commercial global bank for startups.

Brillio’s Solution

Brillio helped the client built a scalable enterprise architecture from the ground up to support the new-age digital transformation, replacing the core banking system in parallel. The new architecture supports data engineering to increase the intelligence of the digital channel.

Tech Stack & Architecture: API First Microservices Architecture, DevOps Adoption.

Business Impact

Following Brillio’s implementation, the client was able to achieve the goals, and more, such as a much-improved user interface, along with an architecture that enables high-performance and significant optimizations.

Building the First Digital Channel Ecosystem also resulted in less than 4 months to go to market (Initiation to MVP), as well as an 85% QA automation coverage for a program.

  • Better UX: crafted the most delightful & relevant experiences leveraging Brillio’s XOTM framework.
  • Microservices Architecture & API First Approach: Ensured decoupling services and enabled the right flow of information through APIs.
  • High-PerformanceEngineering: DevOps and automation partner to ensure faster Development to release cycles.
  • Program Management: Seamless program management ensuring zero friction between front end, back end, DevOps, QA, and data functions.

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