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Building Engineering Products for Safe Data Regulation

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Leveraging Brillio’s design-led approach to ensure strong architecture and reliable data handling

About the Client

The client is a Multinational Software Corporation that develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. The company is known for its ERP software.

Business Challenge

The client was envisioning a solution suite that enables its European enterprise customers to address the following broader scenarios under the guardrails of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

1.  Retain complete control and transparency over how their sensitive data is handled and processed while on-cloud.
2.  Leverage Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) expertise in providing visibility and control on data and actions at the Cloud Service provider (CSP) end (E.g.: Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
3.  A Solution to track and ensure that optimal GRC levels are met for the customer’s data in a CSP agnostic fashion.
4.  Provision to classify risks based on severity, evaluate them, and apply rules as applicable.


Brillio launched a strong program management initiative to co-innovate with SAP in developing a product by the overall product road map and architectural runway. Key schemes applied by Brillio includes:

  • Design-led approach
  • User personas
  • Loose coupling of re-usable services
  • Unified view with Interactive visualization capabilities
  • Customization & Configurations

Unions formed the basis for boundaries and the following are the dimensions from which data was approached

1. Data Placement: Where is the data stored
2. Data movement: How is the data movement looking like
3. Data Access: Where is the data being accessed from

The technical stack used includes:

SAP UI 5, D3 Charts, Algorithms for shortest route calculations, HTML 5, Jquery, JavaScripts, CSS, OData Services

 Business Benefits and Impact

  • 1.  Empowering enterprise customers to have control and transparency over sensitive data on the cloud and thereby simultaneously benefiting from both data security and the agility and scale of CSP Services.
  • 2.  A CSP agnostic customizable framework with GRC specific user personas implemented
  • 3.  A unified view with the power to visualize and control data sources, access, and movements materialized.
  • 4.  Enable data custodian roles across various org levels to get in-depth risk intelligence, track multiple compliance metrics, and thereby orient an organization to drive the GRC journey to drive better business performance.

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