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Establishing a Collaborative Virtual Environment for Interoperable Systems

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Brillio helped an IT operations team of an American pharmaceutical company improve system collaboration via Amazon Workspace Provisioning Automation Service (WPAS)

About Client

The client is an US based biopharmaceutical company, headquartered in New York City. Based on clinical trials and research, it manufactures and delivers innovative medicines to patients with chronic diseases.

Business Challenge

The client’s IT operations team had been helping employees and vendors / contractors, across the globe, by allocating and provisioning systems, like laptops and desktops. But the distribution of such systems and procurement, and data and software management on distributed systems started adding complexity to the process.

Alongside, there were other challenges cropping up, like, increase in:

    • CapEx
    • Long held asset cost of a physical device
    • Procurement time
    • Hardware refresh cycles on both employees’ and vendors’ devices

Hence, the client was looking for a way to simplify the process. And, for that it wanted to enable a smart connectivity among all its systems and the non-PC devices of employees and contractors via a cloud-based workspace.


Brillio assisted the client in implementing the best digital workspace— Amazon Workspace for better, faster and unified communication among employees and contractors. Amazon Workspace is essentially a fully managed, traditional, full-desktop service in the AWS cloud.

AWS WPAS helps to provide and track Amazon Workspaces for individuals. This Workspace allocation involves approval-based workflow that creates a self-serving capability in the provisioning process.

For this allocation, the AWS WPAS catalog creates a Workspace allocation solution, and implements it via REST based API that uses AWS API Gateway to integrate with boundary systems.

AWS WPAS uses Lambda as a controller to ingest all business logics and link to DynamoDB to track all provisioning details.

Reports can be generated using the data from DynamoDB.

Benefits and Business Impact

      • E-mail ID is sent to users on creation request, along with information on how to access Amazon Workspace using Workspace client application
      • Automated Workspace provisioning and maintenance
      • Low CapEx
      • Reduced maintenance cost

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