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Automate Processes and Improve Operational Speed

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Streamlining Repetitive Tasks and Boosting Efficiency

About the Client

The client is one of the world’s leading thread manufacturers.


  • The workforce was spending an excessive amount of time and effort on routine and repetitive tasks.
  • Onboarding new users, manually creating user accounts in SAP, and granting role-based application access were time-consuming processes.
  • Lack of streamlined processes led to inconsistent documentation, difficulty in tracking the status of processes, and longer turnaround time.


  • Brillio proposed an integrated approach of leveraging Robotics Process Automation coupled with ServiceNow to automate mundane tasks and processes.
  • Business processes such as SAP account creation, adding a user to appropriate security groups, generating SNOW report, shared mailbox creation, deletion of accounts, etc. were automated.
  • ServiceNow implementation provided a single source of truth for processes and data to be fed into the Robotics Process Automation platform, resulting in streamlined business operations.


Following Brillio’s implementation, the company managed to drastically streamline processes, improve operational speed, and boost efficiency.

  • 30x reduction in time to provide access to users for SAP suite of applications
  • 30% faster, accelerated, and frictionless onboarding experience
  • Reduction in friction caused by manual errors and siloed processes

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