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Architecting a Scalable and Adaptable Digital Solution to Elevate Customer Experience

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Brillio addresses performance issues and enhances customer experiences with a digital roadmap that aligns to the customer’s vision of a true digital food services provider.

About the Customer

Our customer is one of the leading food distribution providers in the US market. Their ECOM platform contributes to ~$20B out of their $24B revenue and is currently facing huge performance issues resulting in sub-optimal Customer Experience.

Business Challenge

The customer team wanted Brillio to assess their ECOM platform and provide pragmatic recommendations that can address their performance issues in near term and get them on track for a digital journey in the longer run.


Brillio’s team worked with the customer’s team in an 8 weeks consulting engagement that sliced through their ECOM platform on 3 important dimensions –  Business, Technology and Foundational services (Program, DevOps, Infra) through 50+ interviews with various stakeholders.

Brillio emphasized on thought leadership approach by creating food industry-centric view in comparison with their competition. We partnered with them by engaging key practice specialists through the journey with a strategic ‘Prototype-centered approach’ to demonstrate effective digital architecture.


A pragmatic digital architecture that aligns to the customer’s vision of a true digital food services provider with a seamless scalability and adaptability to customer demands. Brillio delivered a comprehensive and clear blueprint of the architecture with a detailed approach to achieve the target state.

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