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Application Development For a Major Pharmaceutical Company

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Reducing time-to-market, improving ROI, and streamlining processes

About the Client

The client is an American pharmaceutical company. It manufactures prescription pharmaceuticals and biologics in several therapeutic areas, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psychiatric disorders.


The current Manufacturing Execution System (MES) strategy and solutions were not addressing new critical success factors of flexibility for the company. It also lacked the simplicity to streamline process improvements and was unable to provide a framework for possible cost reductions for new product implementations.

  • The client wanted to modernize their MES, which includes Batch Processing of their drugs
  • Install Syncade – COTS to improve the process and efficiency
  • Build custom applications to further augment the user experience


Brillio has successfully delivered new-age applications by combining design experience with modern engineering processes to ensure a great customer experience. By leveraging Brillio’s deep expertise in platform transformation and agile execution, we also helped the client improve the ROI.

  • A single application to define and configure Syncade MES recipes, with an easy-to-use interface
  • Reduce errors and increases accuracy on recipes by ensuring defined parameters and data
  • Streamline the process workflow, with all 3 user personas (admin, recipe author, approver) being able to use the same application for different purposes


By implementing Brillio’s solution, the client managed to vastly reduce the time spent for various processes, such as authoring and testing time, expedited new product development, and improved time to market.

We enabled the client to combine multiple data sources into a single view. Now, data can also be exported and imported between applications around different sites. By enabling easy modification of data, we allowed changes to be captured and tracked for audit trail purposes.

  • The application has made recipe authoring more efficient, with a simpler recipe configuration
  • Easier to collaborate, with better error control
  • Significantly simplified multiple operational processes, improving ROI and reducing the time needed for development

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