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Advanced Analytics Platform on AWS for Faster Insights

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Building a cutting-edge platform for a leading real estate company

About the client

The client is one of the largest real estate listing companies based in Santa Clara, California.

Customer Challenge

The client wanted to reduce the time to insights by modernizing the existing On-Prem EDW solution to AWS and create a single platform for capturing consumer and sales data across the region. The modern cloud platform was expected to have high processing capabilities along with flexibility, scalability, streaming data processing, and advanced analytics capabilities for future data science use cases.

  • The need for a single source of truth and data consolidation
  • Inconsistent data quality across business lines and limited data sets
  • The need for enabling self-serve in contrast to the current report-oriented scenario

Brillio’s Solution

Brillio proposed an AWS-based cloud data platform that addressed the requirements of high data processing, provided the flexibility and addressed the need to become a Self-Serve Analytics-driven organization capable of leveraging industrial-grade analytics models.

  • Built AWS cloud data lake to act as a single source of truth for heterogeneous data, batch data, and streaming data
  • Historical data migration to AWS S3 RAW zone
  • Leveraged AWS Redshift for DWH purpose, streaming data capabilities with Kinesis, in-memory processing using Spark, etc.
  • Leveraged AWS Glue and Python Shell to perform ETL, data processing, derived data sets, and Athena for metrics computation
  • Built templates in Python for data transformation to get the processed transactional data (PD), business data (BD), and access data (AD)
  • Consolidation of reports using Brillio CREDTM
  • Standardized metrics consumption across the organization through APIs and BI tools (Tableau), and integration with self-service reporting through Redshift
  • Centralized development & distribution of reports

Business Impact

Following Brillio’s implementation, the client immediately achieved a significant increase in ROI, plus amazing opportunities due to the drastic reduction in time to insights and data storage costs.

  • ROI of 4x times the investment (Approximate profit of ~$28M)
  • Reduced time to insights by approx. 45%
  • 56% reduction in the cost of data storage
  • 50% faster new data source onboarding

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