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Abhishek Ranjan • May 03, 2019
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From the inception of Brillio, CEO Raj Mamodia knew that he wanted to create a company that went beyond customer stories and technology services. He wanted to build a company that while successful, was not just about revenue and the bottom line, but also embraced sustainability and social responsibility. And he didn’t want to wait years into Brillio’s operation, as giving back to the community is an integral part of our company culture. So, implementing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program needed to start from the beginning.

CSR aligns with our core belief that we all share at Brillio, and that is our work is not all about profit. We believe in embracing social responsibility and sustainability, and doing so does not preclude us from consistently out performing and being profitable. But first and foremost, we are about people, community and the planet. How can we work together to better society? How can we create solutions that give back and are sustainable? What programs can we implement to improve our environment?

Spearheaded by Raj, CSR is a built into the corporate strategy. In fact, from year one, CSR was and remains an integral part of our agenda, particularly for the millennial Brillians who make up the majority of our company’s workforce. They are helping us drive our CSR efforts and creating a sustainable impact, as they pursue what is important to them – and that is the belief that volunteering improves their productivity and the importance of contributing to a cause by becoming emotionally invested. As such, we were determined to kick off our CSR program on time to make a real, immediate and meaningful difference. And since the people of Brillio are the most important part of our company, Brillio’s leadership went to the employees to get their input. What was important to them? How did they want to give back? What type of program did they want to take ownership of?

The resounding feedback received was to create a program that gave back to underprivileged children through education. After much team collaboration and with great enthusiasm, Bringing Smiles was launched in 2015!

The goal of Bringing Smiles is to spread joy and knowledge to children in schools where STEM education is virtually non-existent. We work with low-income group schools across the United States and India, where we introduce underprivileged students to some of the world’s most disruptive technologies through e-learning, coding and design workshops, field trips, and interactive self-learning initiatives.

Additionally, for us at Brillio, every Friday is volunteering day, which means we have the opportunity to work in person with teachers and students. Through these interactions, we are nurturing relationships to build lifelong bonds and change lives.

Bringing Smiles is one of Brillio’s greatest achievements. In four short years, we have engaged over 30,000 young minds and clocked in over 18,000 volunteering hours. One student at a time, we are changing thousands of lives by inspiring these students on what they can achieve in our digital world through digital learning, interactive self-learning and active skills sharing. Today, we are proud to have over 70% of our company actively participating in Bringing Smiles, and together, we will hit our goal reaching 100,000 children in 2020.

Leading by example, Brillio’s leadership team works closely with our non-profit partners, including Raj who is an advisory board member of Citizen Schools, California. In recognition for his work and commitment to giving back, Raj was awarded CEO Connection Mid-Market Social Impact Award 2017. Additionally, from its inception to today, Bringing Smiles has been recognized by notable organizations such as SHRM, Microsoft, Stevie, iVolunteer, and India CSR.

As the work we’re doing is noted by more and more like-minded organizations, we hope to inspire others to help build a better future and learn by our example – Brillio is a company that is built with social responsibility in our DNA and culture. Social responsibility was founded in the company from day one, and giving back did not preclude us from out performing…from being named Coats’ global managed services partner to investment by Bain Capital Private Equity, Brillio has done well on the both business front and CSR.

Bringing Smiles is the soul of Brillio, as we are going beyond checkbook philanthropy and are actively changing lives to create a positive impact through hearts and hand. For more information on Bringing Smiles and the future where STEM education and digital technology are the great enablers to deliver education and growth, visit here.

Let’s create something amazing together!

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