Brillio’s Persona Template – Personalization is Key to Unlocking The New Normal

Jithin • February 09, 2021
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With the start of the pandemic and the birth of the ‘new normal’, the design world embarked on a swift evolution, driven by the massive shift to digital. The design practice has become appreciably more efficient, with new tools that increase the effectiveness and oversee everything related to people movements, operations, logistics, etc.

How Has Design Changed in The Backdrop of The Pandemic 

Many of the tools designers use today are replacing what only a few years ago would have been physical tools in the palm of their hand. Take InVision’s Freehand, an online whiteboarding tool that replaces the markers and sticky notes previously used on a drawing board.

Before the pandemic, design used to be highly collaborative, with people physically meeting in the same room, coming up with ideas and comments, debating, and creating products together. 

However, that’s no longer the case. A significant portion of the design process has been pushed to virtual collaborations, via digital tools. 

This prompted the need to create virtual products that can be accessed by multiple people at the same time, where everyone can share their ideas in real-time. These platforms, like Freehand, are bridging the gaps – regardless if it’s about distance, time-zones, or industries. The new tools have effectively eliminated a plethora of dependencies in the design world and have changed how the actual practice works. The quality and products are similar, but people practice design differently in ‘the new normal’.

What is Brillio’s Persona Profile Template  

In this landscape, personas started to play a crucial role in the user journey and customer experience, especially at scale, in the big, end-to-end design processes.  

Before the pandemic, a lot of the persona design would have been driven by analysts and marketers actually going into the field, documenting, doing observational analysis, talking to stakeholders, trying to map the insights, etc. 

In the current situation, a lot of these actions are no longer possible. Now, conversations are almost exclusively handled virtually. There is no observational analysis happening – at least not to the degree required for accurate insights. For us, it meant we had to adapt. We figured we need to make the persona creation more interactive and less insight-driven. 

Unlike the general definition of personas, which is represented by a series of characteristics of a role, Brillio has been trying to position our user persona template to look at the holistic perspective of actually interacting with the person, how it would happen in real life. It’s not so much about the demographic (which is also part of the persona), but rather for us it’s more about how that person is making sense in the industry or world you’re trying to create.

This is helping us understand the user more efficiently, and determine the attributes around that person, specifically from a product design perspective. 

The Benefits of Using Brillio’s Template 

Brillio’s user persona template is a significantly more flexible, precise, efficient, and collaborative model that allows users to personalize the persona down to the very core.

Our template is different because we’re adapting to what you need, you don’t have to adapt to a rigid template. 

There is no time wasted with this template persona, no more chasing stakeholders. It provides a much more organized structure since the template is extremely easy to share, making real-time collaboration blissfully easy. 

The benefits extend to multiple layers of the organization, not only to the design process. 

Flexible at Its Core 

  • Mitigates time waste – reduces the time spent between stakeholders 
  • Enhance efficiency – optimizes the persona development process
  • Drives revenue – saves billable hours for your teams
  • Minimize redundancy – provides a clear structure and an easy-to-follow processes 
  • Increase accuracy – creates the most accurate personas
  • Improve users understanding – paints a holistic view for improved user experience 
  • Drives data-driven decisions – helps the company make informed business decisions  
  • Provides better segmentation – take personas one step further and drive deep analysis 
  • Achieve your goals – get to the outcome relevant for your company  
  • Boost KPIs – impacts the organization on all levels and drives results 

Brillio’s persona template is a fluid model. Capturing a persona is not a step-by-step process. There are certain broad aspects that need to be captured, but flexibility it’s at the core of the template. It is up to the client how they want to put the story together, how they personalize it according to their needs.

Every user is now able to decide how they want the end product to look like.  

Without the proper tools, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between personas, since there is no collaboration as it used to happen. This is where Brillio’s template sheds light in a virtual world – by compensating for the lack of insights with a highly flexible platform, that can provide a greater accuracy than before. 

Templates such as this are intended to capture significant subtleties which you normally wouldn’t notice or deem unimportant. This is a major help for companies to drive insights, and articulate personas more clearly

How is Brillio’s Persona Template Different 

Once all the conversations moved online, we started to notice big gaps in the design world. Every company has a different persona in mind, with various definitions. A rigid model would be sufficient, and it would be unable to deliver what many of our clients want: to drive change within their organizations using personas. 

A persona is not just about imagining the person, it’s about how that person uses the product, about how that person will be influencing other people.  

On top of the general aspects required when designing personas, such as “is this person tech-savvy” or ‘is this person using an iOS or Android device’, we started looking at the bigger picture: how personas can play a role in an organizational shift.

Then, the question is who are the right people for this, who are the right influencers. This is how the persona definition started evolving for us and we decided to develop a proper end-to-end flexible persona template.

We made sure this template is fluid enough that it can be useful in different contexts, to be able to switch on and off certain aspects of the template itself depending on your needs.

Try Brillio’s Persona Template, as well as a number of other templates made by industry leaders. to develop a deeper understanding of your users.

Let’s create something amazing together!

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