AI Assisted Systems for Frictionless Conference Management

Brillio • January 21, 2020
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Today, business conferencing systems are moderated by humans. But imagine a scenario where conference systems are moderated, enriched and enhanced by a virtual assistant.

These virtual assistants can help set appointments, manage various tasks, and even take notes of the meeting. As conference systems evolve, it is inevitable that more and more people will rely on virtual assistants for managing their meetings.

However, if everyone has their own virtual assistant, which assistant will be responsible for running the conference? For most people, the convenience of using their preferred virtual assistant becomes paramount.

That’s why there will soon be a greater need for a master virtual assistant that can govern, shape and control the entire session. Such a master controller can add scope and relevance to the session, as well as elevate the outcome of the conference.

Brillio is proud to announce that it was recently granted a patent by the U.S. Patent Office for its AI-assisted master controller.

Back in 2017, we started asking ourselves about the various ways that virtual assistants could add greater value and convenience to conferencing system. We framed that question within a typical day at the office, where they average employee has multiple conferences throughout the course of the workday. Conducting those conferences efficiently and getting the most out of every single meeting is critical.

What we came away with was the idea for a master virtual assistant controller that could quickly synthesize business meetings, add the appropriate context and ensure that participants are maximizing their conference experience.

The use of virtual assistants in meetings will continue to rise with the advent of smarter and more effective AI technology. With the plurality of virtual assistants, each one serving different users, our patent is poised to become extremely relevant in the days to come, as users will require a centralized conference controller to handle the diversity of VAs.

Our patent puts us in the unique position of providing a unified experience, even when people are using many different virtual assistant applications. The Brillio master controller ensures a seamless, homogenous conferencing experience in a world where there will be heterogenous virtual assistant applications.

Brillio’s passion for solving real-world problems will fuel the filing of more virtual assistant patents that demonstrate our innovation and digital-first thinking.

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