All you need to know about Salesforce to get back to work

Yadu Pratap Singh • August 25, 2020
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The unprecedented pandemic forced millions of professionals around the world to switch to remote work or WFH with every non-essential workplace closing and going virtual. But at this stage, the most important question is when can we go back? To answer this question, Salesforce in the month of June introduced Salesforce’ s platform offering specially designed apps, products and resources to help businesses and communities reopen workplaces safely and efficiently. aggregates live data from various streams and offers tools to help enterprises on their return to work readiness journey. Enterprises can use these resources and leverage powerful data in innovative ways to reopen seamlessly while also keeping employee, community, and stakeholder’ s safety in mind.

The solution is an ecosystem of many products as listed below –

Workplace Command Center is centralized on the workplace command center, where business managers can execute the return to work strategy. The “single pane of glass” offered by command center allows managers to:

  • Aggregate data from various sources to manage and monitor employee wellness, training, shift scheduling and survey results
  • Customise the data and dashboards associated with resuming business operations. The business can customise and trigger workflows, apps, and actions for resuming operations
  • Manage the aggregated data in a single consolidated view. For instance, real-time public data from the Tableau COVID-19 data hub combined with contact tracing data clearly showing the vulnerability of employees, by location

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is used to enable manual tracing of contacts in a safe manner to observe their potential exposure and interactions. The platform collects data of user’ s exposure to other people along with location and can help to minimize the spread of COVID-19 safely and securely.

Contact Tracing App allows business managers to:

  • Aggregate employee health related information to generate individual or team health report
  • Track interactions of employees with other infected person in office and other locations and then take prompt follow-up actions such as testing and quarantine
  • Find the geographic hotspots and communicate to employees to avoid those places and minimize the spread of covid-19

Emergency Response Management

The emergency response management module offers a suite of tools to provide effective communications, reporting, tracking, treatment, incident management, and recovery planning. This information helps managers or emergency workers to prioritize and stabilize relief work and resolve service requests faster.

Emergency Response Management App allows business managers to:

  • Assess, mobilize, and prioritize resources quickly to support patients, citizens, and community
  • Monitor patients remotely and quickly to provide them with the right care
  • Enable emergency workers to plan their activities and prioritize them
  • Improve speed and efficiency of businesses emergency response capabilities to deliver service during critical emergencies within days

Employee Wellness

The employee wellness module allows the enterprise to gather and monitor health and wellness data. It can send surveys to workforce for gathering wellness data and then allows to filter that data by geography and office location.

Emergency Wellness App allows business managers to:

  • Create and send customized health check surveys to gather employee wellness status and monitor wellness trends by connecting it to workplace command center
  • Build automated flows to trigger actions based on employee wellness
  • Build reopening strategies based on the data collected
  • Generate intuitive dashboards to generate insights filtered by different workplaces and geographies

Shift Management and Planning

The most cumbersome task for employers right now is to reopen their business and remodel working site in a manner where physical and social distancing is maintained.  The Shift Management and Planning app allows businesses to model site capacity, optimize team schedules, and staggered arrival times, ensuring business continuity while avoiding crowding in common areas of site.

The Shift management and planning module allows employers to:

  • Understand safe workplace capacity and specify which employee will work on which project and days.
  • Enable split shifts to reduce office density
  • Help employees specify availability, view, and confirm shifts on their phones and receive work schedule notifications

Trailheads for Workforce Reskilling

Another important tasks for the businesses once they re-open will be to re-skill their employees to familiarise and equip them with new ways of working to meet evolving business needs.

The reskilling tools in provides –

  • Salesforce Trailhead learning platform, to deliver digital learning for employees. It provides prebuilt content kits with best practices for operations planners, leaders, and employees
  • Track completion of learning and development tasks
  • Insights and updates on the employee learning process by integrating with command center

Volunteer and Grants Management

The volunteer and grants management component optimize emergency responsiveness with streamlined volunteer and grants management. This module can help managers by –

  • Streamlining, automating, and analysing end to end grants management process from application to disbursal
  • Coordinating volunteers with automated signups, scheduling, and volunteer outreach
  • Helping in managing the social and health impact of the pandemic well
  • Tracking and reporting relief program and charitable data will help in this new normal by providing tools, relevant data, and real-time insights. It will help businesses in fighting against this pandemic while keeping employee, community, and stakeholder’ s safety in mind. Do you still have questions about and if it’s the right solution for you? Get in touch with our experts and schedule a demo to learn how we enable this for businesses to navigate the new normal.

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