DevOps Advisory & Consulting

Our team of DevSecOps experts will work with you to understand the current state of maturity of the existing DevOps ecosystem across multiple dimensions spanning people, process, technology and mindset and provide blueprint of north star DevOps architecture with the right strategy and roadmap to achieve it. Our teams of experts will help you understand exactly what needs to be done to get to the desired result, and assist on every step of the way, across all business units and org verticals, thus driving true benefit of enterprise digital transformation.

DevSecOps @ Scale

Our DevSecOps framework serves as a guide and accelerator to digital enterprises in their DevOps journey. It provides solutions, and guidelines for DevSecOps implementation across the enterprise landscape with the right set of tools, processes, and reusable scripts to create building blocks needed to scale and mature. By implementing our framework, organizations will leverage all the benefits of our team’s combined expertise and speed up the transformation journey across all tool stacks and cloud platforms. Companies will swiftly unlock their true potential and drive amazing value for their clients and investors.

Next-Gen DevSecOps

Our NextGen DevSecOps services and offerings helps enterprise modernize and streamline their DevOps landscape, thereby helping them optimize on technology and infrastructure spend and make them more relevant. Our framework on advanced DevOps concepts like containers, cloud DevOps helps enterprises adopt these technologies and integrate with DevOps. It helps them assess various technology options, pick the right choice of tools & platform based on the organization need, implement an efficient, optimized hybrid environment setup, orchestrate fast and seamless migration between platforms, achieve state-of-the-art security, and much more.

Site Reliability Engineering

Our Site Reliability Engineering services helps ensure critical products, applications, and services function reliably under varying conditions and deliver optimal performance. Our frameworks, solutions and tool-chains help design the right set of SRE controls, implement SRE across the various streams of Software development Lifecyle, automate monitoring and self-healing controls, integrate development and operations environment and provides a unified view of multiple value stream. Our offerings include design & implement monitoring services, performance evaluation, and creation of blueprints for release engineering, configuration engineering, and performance engineering.

Complimentary Capabilities

Along with DevOps we also offer other capabilities to enable continuous delivery.

Agility@Scale : Set of methods, best practices and technology enablers to build products today that are wired for future

Cloud DevOps : Infrastructure as code automation, reusable asset library to fast track cloud provision, cloud cost management, cloud operations and analytics

Rapid App Modernization : Provides an end to end blueprint for enterprises to migrate their legacy systems to modernized architecture on multi cloud ecosystem

Security : Frameworks, process and tools to left shift security and integrate it in all phases of SDLC

Testing : Framework and tools to eliminate manual test efforts and perform test automation at each level of testing, such as functional testing, integration testing, performance testing, security testing and more.

End to End Value Stream : Consulting service for developing strategic product value streams across Plan-Build-Run


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Powered by BrillioOne.ai Product Maturity model, the DevOps maturity assessment gauges the current positioning of enterprises with respect to the effectiveness of their DevOps, DevSecOps, DevTestOps process and practices. Our maturity score is based on responses gathered from 100+ questionnaires across multiple dimension such as Source control, quality control, testing practices, collaboration, release management and other dimensions spanning various stages of application lifecycle from Design, build to Run. Our team of experts will frame the right questionnaire based on the current technology landscape of our clients.

BrillioOne.ai OneEngineering Insights is our Process & Engineering Insights Platform which helps our customers meet their time to market needs by Predictable and high quality product delivery consistently. It integrates a set of best in class engineering tools to automate development across the entire application life cycle. Some of the salient benefits are.

  • Maximizes the return on investment(RoI) on Devops tools by building an Insights platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Intelligent Governance
  • 50% reduction in cycle time can be achieved by effectively using the Highlights and Action tracker for more effective impediments management
  • 25% improvement in efficiency of teams by prediction of possible defects and build patterns through advanced analytics and machine learning
  • Increased Collaboration by providing a Single point of truth for reference of Project progress

BrillioOne.ai OneCloud Analytics is an intelligent cloud management platform that helps organizations on public cloud in managing, securing, and optimizing their cloud infrastructure. It allows you to view everything in the IT environment and helps take the right action faster with integrated event and incident management. We bring in AIOps to automate the mundane manual processes. The Platform helps detects and resolves incidents faster, understand resource dependencies and avoid costly performance issues thus improving team productivity and prevent revenue loss.


Faster Time to Market –

Faster release cycles

Reduced technical Debt and improved Code Quality.
Cost Reduction

Leveraging continuous delivery

Times Productivity Improvement.
Increase in testing automation.

Customer Testimonials

Kader Sakkaria

CTO – RNL, Cartus


Tarunesh Sah

20+ Years of experience in successfully leading Digital Programs / Projects / Products (Customer and Service Provider), architecting enterprise solutions working consultatively, including managing Service Design, Scaled Agile Projects Delivery, Design Thinking, Coaching Teams and Organizational Change.

15+ Years of hallmarked career in managing the entire spectrum of complex engineering programs with expertise in Digital Transformation in the space of DevSecOps at scale,Legacy Modernization, Cloud Adoption and Microservices.

Javed Akhtar Khan



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