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Devops Practice

Brillio DevOps Practice Excellence


Brillio DevOps Philosophy, Culture and competency brings business agility through continuous delivery value chain.


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DevOps Practice Capabilities

Brillio DevOps Philosophy

Tool Ecosystem – Choose Right Do Right

Brillio AWS DevOps Excellence

Enterprise Democratization of DevOps through rich set AWS Services enables business agility and faster to market business values.Advisory on leveraging AWS Cloud DevOps Services for improved cost savings and agility in Deploying SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Applications and Products in AWS for aEnterprise Customer.

AWS DevOps Proficiency
  • AWS Cloud Formation
  • AWS Custom Resources
  • Templating Engine
  • EBS
  • Cloud front
  • Lambda
  • SQS
  • Workspace
  • Congnito
  • Code Commit
  • KMS
  • EB
  • AWS Service Catalog
  • AWS S3
  • Node JS
  • EC2
  • RDS
  • API Gateway
  • Step functions
  • Cloud Watch
  • DynamoDB
  • Code Pipeline
  • Code build
  • Route 53

DevOps Service Offering

Accelerating democratization of DevOps through adopting end to end AWS services and leveraging Internal IPs BOLT, CLIP maximize enterprise wide transformation and automation.

  • AWS Serverless Automation
  • AWS Cloud Native Continuous Delivery
  • Data Driven, Centricity and Analytics on AWS
  • AWS Cloud App Modernization and Automation
  • AWS Cloud Resource Governance and Automation
  • AWS DevOps Governance on BOLT and CLIP

Brillio Custom Tools

Configure automation tools from both AWS and partner providers to update your infrastructure with minimal hands-on engineering.

  • BOLT™

    Brillio’s BOLT™is our Process & Engineering Insights Platform which helps our customers meet their time to market goals by predictable and high-quality product delivery consistently. By using Brillio-BOLT our customers have optimized the return on investment(RoI) on Devops tools. This can lead to significant reduction in cycle time for requirements and improvement in efficiency and increased collaboration among teams.

    Key benefits with BOLT™

    • Maximizes the return on investment(RoI) on Devops tools by building an Insights platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Intelligent Governance
    • 50% reduction in cycle time can be achieved by effectively using the Highlights and Action tracker for more effective impediments management
    • 25% improvement in efficiency of teams by prediction of possible defects and build patterns through advanced analytics and machine learning
    • Increased Collaboration by providing a Single point of truth for reference of Project progress
  • Cloud Infrastructure Platform (CLIP™)

    CLIP™is Brillio’s proprietary multi-cloud platform that is purpose-built to accelerate customer’s journey to cloud and manage their cloud infrastructure in an optimal and secure fashion. CLIP™ gives the CIOs the power to efficiently run a complex, dynamic and ever-changingcloud-based environment. The insights and foresights of CLIP™ allows CIOs to get complete visibility in to cloud investments across organizations/geographies.

    Key benefits with CLIP™

    • Amplify your organizational agility with ability to unlock just in environments
    • Fully functional self-service modules that help maximize your cloud environment productivity and efficiency
    • Delivering cost management through combination of intelligent automation and advanced analytics
    • Extensive library of ready to deploy scripts for diverse business operating environments and scenarios

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