Better Days Ahead

Dear Clients, Partners, Colleagues and Brillio’s Entire Business Community:

As we celebrate a New Year, I hope all of you continue to take safety precautions and remain hopeful for better days ahead. First, I want to thank every colleague worldwide for their contributions and hard work in a pandemic year, and for making Brillio shine brighter this past year more than ever before. It truly was unprecedented in more ways than one.

I thought I would share a few of my top emotions entering 2021. 

  • Over the years, like many of you, I have taken numerous flights in a middle seat and have stayed in not very comfortable hotel rooms. I did it because I was driven by a strong desire to connect with people, either for business or for personal reasons. Despite the discomforts of travel, I have always felt excitement and anticipation to meet and accomplish “something great” with many of you. While business in 2020 was fantastic for Brillio without travel, I miss that excitement! I enthusiastically look forward to sitting in that middle seat again soon to connecting with many of you in person.
  • It struck me over the holidays, that for the very first time in my life that, because of the pandemic, I have never been this distant from those that are not as fortunate. I would have seen life differently if I was able to get back to my village in India, do my volunteer work in person; or just meet more people in different walks of life. I want to feel ‘real’ again, so I’m hoping to have richer, human experiences in 2021.

While I eagerly await getting back to normal, I am grateful for several bright spots in 2020. On a personal level, the past year allowed me to have a lot more time with my kids and to further explore my interests in golf, singing, and motorcycles. Like many of you, I also tried a lot more of my hand at cooking—the jury is out how well I did! So however bad 2020 was overall, I think it allowed all of us to explore some dimensions of ourselves that we wouldn’t have explored otherwise. And I’m extremely grateful for that.

Now coming to Brillio: 2020 was a phenomenal year for us. We grew at an industry-leading pace and have set ourselves up for even better growth in 2021.  I hope ‘Brillians’ everywhere feel very proud of having accomplished this together. We also added significant strength to the leadership team this past year. I have never had this strong of a team entering any of the previous years of the Company. Most importantly, our clients are trusting us with more relevant, transformative work and that is the biggest endorsement of our strategy and execution.

In my launch address in 2014 when I started Brillio, I remember putting a slide together talking about “Vision 2020.” Fast forward to today, it’s heartening to see that Brillio’s positioning has exceeded what I had in mind 6 years ago when I started Brillio. I certainly couldn’t have imagined the adversity the world would face in 2020. With a purpose as strong as Brillio’s, and with a team laser focused on our mission, the achievements and outcomes are truly heartening. I’m super excited about the future and the opportunities it offers us!

In summary, thank you for your trust in Brillio and your continued partnership. I wish you and your families a safe and wonderful year ahead.

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