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About the Client:

The client is a Fortune 500 French multinational company that designs, develops, and manufactures electrical systems as well as devices and equipment for the aerospace, defense, transportation, and security industries. With a history of over 22 years, the client has more than 80,000 employees across the world.

Customer Challenge:

The existing architecture relied on several home-grown tools that were performing poorly. The inefficient tools were also costly in terms of maintenance, forcing the client to allocate a considerable amount of valuable time and resources to keep them running smoothly, diverting attention and investments from more critical areas.

Moreover, the reliance on these tools led to unnecessarily long development times. Lacking efficiency and being unable to keep pace with the client’s increasing needs for faster and more streamlined development processes, the existing architecture was becoming a bottleneck. Consequently, the client experienced delays in their development cycles, resulting in losing critical time-to-market.

Brillio’s Solution:

Recognizing the need for a change, the client sought a solution to overcome these challenges and improve their overall performance, reduce maintenance costs, and expedite development timelines.

Brillio conducted a comprehensive architecture review and presented actionable insights to the client and, together, decided to move forward with replacing Dataflow with Databricks on GCP, along with a major data architecture overhaul. We helped the client throughout the process, from ideating the platform, assessing performance issues, building solutions to address those issues, and recreating the architecture to ensuring a seamless flow of data from its source to the final destination.


The transition to Databricks on GCP brought about a tremendous transformation for the client. In contrast to the previous platform, which was slow and expensive, the new architecture unraveled a host of benefits and opportunities. The client experienced a standardized, scalable, and highly agile data platform, resulting in a development time that was up to 400% faster than before.

One of the key advantages was the reduced time-to-market, accompanied by improved operational efficiency. The streamlined processes and optimized workflows facilitated quicker product releases, giving the client a competitive edge.

The client also achieved significant cost reductions across multiple avenues, including workforce availability, talent expenses, ease of use, speed of execution, and development, with substantial decreases in platform maintenance and increases in performance.

The added capabilities offered by Databricks, along with the extensive range of frameworks and libraries available in Python, opened new possibilities for the development teams, enhancing the client’s capacity to innovate and deliver exceptional solutions.

Through this transition, the client successfully harnessed the power of Databricks on GCP, benefiting from a standardized, scalable, and significantly faster data platform while at the same time retaining all the essential functionalities from the previous architecture and enjoying the immense advantages delivered by the new setup.


  • Up to 400% faster development time.
  • Standardized, scalable, and agile database architecture.
  • Reduced time to market, with improved efficiency.
  • Significantly reduced costs.
  • Improved technology landscape through Databricks & Python.

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