Transforming the Retail Operations through Legacy Modernization

About the Customer 

The client is a leading Australian Distributor and Premium Supplier of Plumbing and Bathroom Products for Residential, Commercial, and Infrastructure Customers. They have a strong store footprint of 800+ stores across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, with a vision to embrace new ways of helping their customers get what they need.

Business Challenge

With their customers at the core, the client always stays invested to look for ways to save their customers time and help their businesses succeed by delivering quality and expertise. Having a history of 100+ years in the industry, the client’s Backoffice functions like Store Replenishment are heavily dependent on legacy systems like “Genero”. Historically, the Turn-around-time to replenish products across 700 stores would take around 10 hours – sometimes, the process would even interfere with store operational hours in case of a peak in demand

With the changing landscape of how the future stores operate 24*7, they are expected to be replenished seamlessly with minimal intervention from operations. A longer time of stores replenishment has proved costly and time-consuming for the client, and they are found in a situation to transform themselves by upgrading their IT components and business functions, and core processes

Brillio’s Solution

The client chose Brillio as the key partner to modernize their legacy applications of their stores. Brillio enabled the client’s vision with New Age Digital Transformation through Legacy Modernization and reduced the high-impact dependency on legacy technology such as Genero. With the help of a 12-member team and the use of best-in-class Engineering practices, technology, and skillsets, Brillio helped the client achieve the milestone of replenishing their stores within 1.5 hours from a mammoth 10 hours. The entire transformation has enabled the Business Teams to save time and helped them focus on other critical store operation functions

Here is the approach followed:

  • Reverse Engineered the Genero code to re-create the replenishment requirements, along with the key business rules
  • Enabled the stores with a faster processing time of replenishment by transitioning from Genero to Java Sprint Boot
  • Re-aligned to client’s ways of working and Engineering processes and practices
  • Developed a Compare Utility/ CU (a Java-based standalone application) for Genero and Java Sprint Boot for automated output validation – through which Brillio has completely automated the traditional way of Develop-UAT – which, perhaps, eliminated the team’s effort in overall testing/UAT
  • Engineered Process Automation with the help of Event-Based Microservices Architecture on AWS cloud; which enabled replenishment at more branches with faster speed of execution

Business Impact 

Following Brillio’s implementation, the client was able to achieve the goals, and more, such as reduced processing time, performance improvement, etc.

  • Successful MVP in less than 6 months
  • Processing time reduced from 10 to 1.6 hours
  • The solution was deployed at 727 branches across Australia and New Zealand
  • Easy & Reliable Monitoring with the support team’s continuous monitoring reduced to zero
  • Performance Optimization & Improvement of the event-driven process improved by 300%

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