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Location, location, location for this web-based real estate giant

Brillio’s soup-to-nuts web services overhaul for a long-time client improves lead generation and enhances the experience for their customers


Brillio has a long history of teamwork with Move, developing key applications and managing data services. It was Brillio that originally migrated Move’s dense legacy technology to an ultra-efficient cloud-based solution. For this new project, Brillio went one step further, migrating the technology again to an open stack format and smoothly upgrading the Move data center from SQL to AWS. Brillio redesigned the Move sites page by page, for more intuitive customer interactions, with machine-learning engaged to gather and aggregate data, seamlessly integrating functionality like lead generation, licensing, and the My Homes and Find a Realtor applications. Information quality improves, and peak traffic is handled easily by the new, scalable platform. Lead generation rebounds and is on the move!


Move Inc. operates a wide-ranging network of real estate listing and resource websites for both professional realtors and the public. Their most popular site,, began experiencing growing pains as the web- based real estate sector became more automated. Listing leads took a dive, and platform-wide scaling support was proving costly. So the Move IT team partnered with Brillio to revamp, redevelop, support, and maintain their vast website network.