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Migrate entire SAP instance to Azure - optimizing speed, reliability, and security

With Brillio’s help, Coats can now, in near real time, accurately predict inventory costs, volumes, sales projections, and capacity planning


One of the largest SAP on-premise migrations to Microsoft Azure with 90% efficiency. The transition enabled Coats to slash transaction times considerably. Reporting that previously took six hours to produce now takes a matter of minutes. The engagement was completed without disruption to Coats’ global operations and reduced operational costs – a significant gain to the company. To the more than 7,000 employees spread out over 50+ manufacturing sites, making enough thread each month to stretch around the world nearly 4,000 times, the performance boost was immediate and remarkable.


In addition to providing continued managed services, Brillio will also help Coats in optimizing operations and ensuring they continue to gain elasticity, vastly improve performance, and lower costs from the Microsoft cloud. With SAP HANA on Azure, Coats is now able to accurately predict inventory costs and manufacturing volumes. Through this, it can make accurate sales projections and perform production capacity planning. It can also plan its on-demand business in near real time.

“We needed a quicker way to process information in greater detail, and the cloud offered a simple way to manage this on a global scale. Working with Brillio enabled us to seamlessly and securely deploy a unified business intelligence platform across offices in more than 50 countries. We now have greater visibility of key performance trends, the ability to identify problem areas and quickly optimize sales strategies by data across multiple local markets.” - Hizmy Hassen, Chief Digital and Technology Officer of Coats.