Edward Necho Terry


“I love the work life balance in this company”.

I am an amateur photographer, cycling enthusiastic, and indulge in learning new languages. Russian is something I excel in at the moment! I love the work life balance in this company, there is so much clarity, communication and collaboration which ultimately makes this a reality.

As a company, Brillio has numerous differentiators, but clearly one of the significant elements is the ability to leverage reach- back into the company. Leveraging resources and thought- leadership allows on the ground delivery resources to reach- back into subject matter resource pools where additional collaboration can be connected to develop tailored, more responsive solutions.


Juby U


“ I found my passion & my dream while working at Brillio & that’s the reason I love Brillio”.

Work fills a large part of life & hence work is a not a place where you should dread to go to. I am passionate about training people – this was something which I was so scared of few years back. I remember being asked in my interview process @ Brillio about my capability to provide training. I did have some background in training, but that was not something which I was looking forward for. Brillio made me look at training in a fun way & I learnt different ways of engaging people to make training interactive.

I love my work because it made me change from a huge stage fright to a person who loves giving training. Being passionate about how well you do your job makes you love it.


Genaro Estrada

Consultant, Digital Operations

“ I enjoy giving back to the community to help those in need”.

My passion is Volunteering, I enjoy giving back to the community to help those in need, especially if it involves the elderly and children. I volunteered in many events at my daughter’s school, from fundraising to being an assistant basketball coach, PTO President, field trip chaperone etc.

My Hobbies include dancing and listening to live music, anything outdoors, hiking, camping, biking, running, canoeing, rafting, swimming. I also enjoy cooking, something that I picked up from my father since he was a chef.


Bradley Alan Battle


“The opportunity to maintain a good work-life balance”.

With six children, I stay busy around the house but completely enjoy spending time with my family. My passion however lies in volunteering at my church and with helping elderly acquaintances navigate the electronic age. I have found that my work schedule with Brillio has provided me the opportunity to maintain a good work-life balance given the straight 8-5PM hours Monday through Friday.

In past jobs, this schedule has been promoted, but work always over-ran these boundaries and I have not found this with Brillio. I think this truly represents what they stand for!


Zubin B


“ It has given me a space to pursue my hobby along with my work.”.

My family and peers looks up to me: As a father of a daughter, it is so important to me to be a role model for my young daughter. While there might be busy weeks that require more time at the office, my daughter knows that I love my job, that it's meaningful to me, and that I am proud of the work. It is my hope that as my daughter grows, she is inspired to find a career that fulfils her and she is passionate about.

I feel more fulfilled I am more productive when I am at work I get extra motivated at work because of which I meet my goals. I become a better me every day.


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