Brillio’s Back to Work Program


Brillio’s Back to Work (B2W) program is for talented women professionals who have taken a career break. It gives women the opportunity to refresh their skills and restart their career. The program empowers women to harness their true potential and enables successful integration back into the corporate world. It provides an opportunity for full-time or fixed-term employment, based on available openings and satisfactory performance after project completion.  

Back to Work

Brillio’s Back to Work Program Offers Features for Our Women to Accelerate What Matters Now.

Eligibility Criteria: women with a minimum work experience of 1 year that were on a career break for a minimum of 6 months or more.

Brillio’s Back to Work program is a contract role for 3 months or more (depending on the project requirements).

Selected applicants will be working on live projects that enable women to access professional training and personality development certification.

On completion of the program, eligible candidates will be hired full-time, based on feedback from the manager, an interview, and available opening positions.

Flexible time/days off and a work from home option – minimum of 20 working hours per week must be dedicated.

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Current Openings

Designation: Employee Referral Program Lead

Job Description: Minimum of 6-8 yrs Experience. Be able to drive the end to end Employee Referral Program, design strategies around the program to make it successful. Manage the end to end recruitment process via employee referral channels, including candidate management, as well as the marketing and attraction of candidates, which includes internal and external extensive communications. Plan Long term planning for delivery of employee referral development program. Includes Leadership and development of employee referral processes and practices.

Designation: Business Architect

Job Description: Critical position for a mid-sized organization to improve Information systems to become digitally self-sustained, meeting future growth, reducing the risks of failures, improving data accuracy and availability with secured access as per the business needs. The candidate should be able to understand the nuances of ERPs like Salesforce, NetSuite, Fusion, etc and appreciate the integration challenges, propose better alternate to overcome technology challenges by working with smaller groups of each ERP and functional user group.


The Back to Work program is for talented women professionals who have taken a career break of a minimum of 3 months or more. It provides women the opportunity to refresh their skills and restart their careers. The program empowers women to harness their true potential and integrate back into the workplace with ease.

It provides an opportunity for flexible employment- to work in any location, at anytime, for a minimum of 20 hours per week. The B2W consultant role provides a fair work-life balance to women who are looking to pursue their career but have time restrictions due to family commitments and other responsibilities.

This is a consultant role on a contract basis. The duration of the program is a minimum of 3 months or more, depending on the project.

Post-project completion, upon satisfactory performance, and if there is an existing job position available, the candidate can be made full-time adhering to company policy and mutually acceptable terms.

The remuneration is dependent on the duration and nature of the project, and the candidate’s relevant experience. The remuneration must comply with the local tax law as applicable.

All eligible candidates must register online through the link provided, apply for the opportunities listed, and upload an updated CV. You will get periodic updates and leads for suitable new openings across Brillio offices by registering with us.

Please choose an assignment that best suits your background. You can apply for multiple projects/assignments. You can be selected for any one role that is best suited to you.

Yes, you can reset your password by hitting the edit profile and reset password link icon.

Upon completion of the Brillio B2W project, you are free to work for any company of your choice.

The program offers locations in all Brillio offices across the globe.

Step 1: It starts with applying online.

Step 2: The candidates are shortlisted based on the criteria specified in the role.

Step 3: There will be a personal interview.

Step 4: You will hear from us.

Depending on the role and skill sets required, some positions may have additional steps.

Yes, the consultant roles under the B2W program are for women who have time constraints due to other responsibilities but still want to pursue a career. If you are willing to hold a full-time role, please apply in the Careers section on the Brillio website.

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