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In the new digital paradigm, secure transactions and payments have become the norm for banking and financial services. At Brillio, we enable our clients to adopt real-time payment solutions at industry-leading standards to provide seamless customer experiences and amazing user journeys. By leveraging our design-led approach, Brillio enables its clients to build, enhance, and optimize their products based on various messaging standards, to deliver unparalleled value to their customers at warp speed. We transform business models by integrating various payment methods and partners of the digital payment value chain.

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Commercial Banking

We empower our customers to transform their client relationship platform to enable a segmented view of sales and enhanced client conversions, significantly improving efficiency and productivity with a 360-view. By leveraging advanced analytics and data-driven insights, we help our clients offer personalized financial services, digital experiences, and products to high-net-worth individuals, with precise targeting and tailored messaging and solutions.

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Capital Markets and Investment Banking

By leveraging our world-class design-led thinking mindset, Brillio delivers immersive trading experiences, transforming the user journey on both web and mobile. We provide an in-depth upgrade of the end-to-end user interaction with our client’s platforms, enriching the customer experience, from a clean and intuitive UI, to secure and real-time payments. We also provide wealth & asset management platform transformation for seamless client onboarding, maximizing user retention, user investment, and the overall operational efficiency of our customer’s platforms.

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Cards & Wallets

In the new digital ecosystem, virtual wallets and cards are an integral part of everyday life. Brillio leverages white-labeled applications to enable wallet functionalities with various payment journeys for our customers. We empower clients to harvest the full benefits of an extensive set of platforms and solutions designed to provide the most value to their customers. We help our clients implement tokenization and digitization of accounts for seamless wallet-based communications. Brillio also services clients to enable acquirers and banks to effortlessly complete card-based transactions.

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Mortgage & Debt

Smart mortgage and debt management are essential for the digital transformation of the BFSI industry. At Brillio, we enable our clients to achieve 100% automation on the loan closing experience, significantly streamlining and accelerating the lending process and avoiding unnecessary costs and delays while also elevating the customer journey. We also revolutionize employee experience with next-generation products, improving work efficiency and promoting employee engagement.

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Retail Banking

To stay relevant in the new digital ecosystem, BFSI companies need to reimagine their value propositions and deliver amazing customer experiences. Brillio helps our clients from conceptualization to global rollout for mobile-first digital banking solutions by leveraging open banking APIs. We transform the customer experience and personalize it for digital banks and financial institutions, providing delightful journeys, improved efficiency, scalability, and reimagining the way users interact with our clients to generate the most value possible.


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