AWS System Manager

AWS System Manager

With organizations becoming more and more agile, it is becoming imperative to automate key management tasks such as collecting system inventory, applying OS patches, image creation, and configuring OS and applications at scale. Brillio leverages AWS System Manager Service, coupled with its deep expertise in cloud infrastructure management, to carry out key management tasks in a cost effective, fast paced and efficient way.System Manager is a set of fully managed AWS services and capabilities that enable automated configuration and ongoing management of systems at scale across windows/Linux workloads running on EC2 or on-premise data center.


  • Hybrid Cloud Compatibility:Single consistent experience and toolset to manage infrastructure irrespective of the fact where it resides, whether on-premise or on AWS cloud.
  • Cross-platform support: Support for windows/Linux platforms without worrying about managing different tools for different platforms.
  • AWS optimized: Possible integration with all AWS’s best breed Services such as IAM for Access Control, Cloud Trail for auditing and Cloud Watch for event-driven automation
  • Scalable: Works for both long-running instances and as well as the environment that scales quickly and is toned down later to meet customer demand

How the system manager fits with AWS

It helps to use existing AWS configuration management tools. It is a set of fully managed AWS services helps customers to

  • Provision
  • Configure
  • Monitor
  • Audit
  • Optimize and
  • Manage resources and infrastructure

Services and Capabilities of System Manager

Case Studies

1. Global Biopharmaceutical Company

Checking and applying patches and continuously monitoring the EC2 instances for latest security OS patches.

Challenge/ Project description:

Client’s project teams needed to apply OS security patches to their EC2 instances on a monthly basis. An EC2 instance’s patch compliance status was to be reflected based on specific resource tags applied to it.

Brillio’s Solution:

Brillio setup patch baseline for each OS type with patch group configuration. The latest ssm agent was installed in the ec2 instance which allowed ssm service to manage the instance patches. Lambda function was created to set the patch compliance status of a specific instance as a tag.

Benefits/ Outcomes:

1.Quick and effortless patching of all EC2 instances
2.Reduced effort on patch & compliance management

2.Leading News Channel

Management of client’s AWS Infrastructure Setup

Challenge/ Project description:

Customer was looking for a partner to optimize and support their entire AWS Environment which included managing servers 24×7, provisioning of resources, security management and cost optimization.

Brillio’s Solution:

Brillio leveraged AWS system manager to gain visibility and control of client’s infrastructure on AWS. Brillio provide 24×7 support for client’s AWS infrastructure in the production environment.

Benefits/ Outcomes:

1.Unified UI to view operational data from multiple AWS services
2.Cost Optimization of Weekly accruing Bill

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