Actionable insights are the new currency for organizations all over the world, delivering the edge required to gain competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve.

With tools such as Amazon QuickSight, AWS and Brillio deliver state of the art cloud-based business intelligence solutions that empower companies to make data-driven decisions and take their organization to the next level.

Amazon QuickSight is a scalable and serverless machine ML-powered business intelligence (BI) service built for the cloud.

QuickSight allows you to easily create and publish interactive BI dashboards and leverage the benefits of machine-learning technology. QuickSight dashboards can be accessed from any device and can be seamlessly embedded into your applications, portals, and websites.


  • Scalability:

    Amazon QuickSight has a serverless architecture that automatically scales to tens of thousands of users without the need to setup, configure, or manage your own servers. It also ensures that your users do not have to deal with slow dashboards during peak-hours when multiple BI users are accessing the same dashboards or datasets.

  • Cost-effective:

    With pay-per-session pricing, you only pay when your users access dashboards or reports, making it cost-effective for deployments with a high number of users. There are no upfront costs or annual commitments for using QuickSight.

  • Embed BI dashboards in your applications:

    QuickSight provides a rich set of APIs and SDKs that allow you to easily customize the look and feel of the dashboards to match applications, websites, and portals interactively. With QuickSight, you can manage your dashboard versions, grant dashboard authoring privileges, and share usage reports with your end-customers. If your application is used by customers that belong to different teams or organizations, QuickSight ensures that their data is always siloed and secure.

  • Access deeper insights with Machine Learning:

    QuickSight leverages AWS’s proven machine learning (ML) capabilities, making it easy for BI teams to perform advanced analytics without prior data science experience. You can use QuickSight’s pre-built models or bring your own ML models from Amazon SageMaker, which integrate with QuickSight in just a few clicks. QuickSight also uses ML to automatically generate a summary of your dashboard in plain language, which interprets and describes key insights from your data, to provide a consistent and shared understanding for your teams.

  • Ask questions of your data, receive answers:

    With QuickSight’s new ML-powered natural language query capability, you enter a question in the search bar and get answers in seconds. Q extracts business terminologies and intent from users’ questions, retrieves the corresponding data from the source and returns the answer as a number, chart, or table.

Use Cases

  • Connecting QuickSight to your data in operational databases (e.g. Amazon RDS)
  • Connecting QuickSight to your Data Warehouse (e.g. Amazon RedShift)
  • Connecting QuickSight to your Data Lakes (e.g. Amazon S3)
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