AWS CloudFront Service

AWS CloudFront Service

In today’s world, many organizations are aiming to globalize their business, which means expanding their markets and enhancing the website and content that supports this expansion. Brillio helps such organizations in setting up a fast, stable and secure content delivery mechanism using AWS CloudFront. AWS CloudFront is an AWS native global content delivery network service with huge capacity & scalability and can be used across diverse set of content such as static object, dynamic object and video delivery.

Users are enabled to access data through CloudFront than directly from S3 bucket or data center as described below.

The diagram below describes how Cloud Front delivers Content.

The top level of content in CloudFront can be from any publically addressable web server-

  • S3 bucket
  • EC2 instance
  • Elastic / Application Load Balancer
  • On-premise data center


  • High Availability:Ensures high availability of data even in case of Disaster.
  • Highly Secure: Network and application level protection keep the traffic highly secure.
  • Superior Performance: Speed up delivery with massively scaled and globally distributed CDN.
  • Easy Customization: Customize for specific and complex application requirements.

Case Studies

1. Global Biopharmaceutical Company

Distribution of content via the internet with restricted access

Challenge/ Project description:

Client was looking for a secure and effective solution for distribution of content while making sure that the access to private content is restricted.

Brillio’s Solution:

Brillio leveraged AWS CloudFront content delivery network to fulfil client’s requirements. Lambda@edge was created and associate with CloudFront distribution. Lambda@edge helped in passing dynamic headers to origin from Viewer request phase.

Benefits/ Outcomes:

1. Secured HTTPS access
2. Caching capability
3. No access to private content

2. Global Biopharmaceutical Company

Hosting static HTML content, media, or webapps from an AWS S3 bucket

Challenge/ Project description:

With shift to serverless design patterns, client was looking for hosting content from S3 bucket. The type of content included static HTML content, media, single page webapps (Angular/React) etc.

Brillio’s Solution:

Brillio proposed creation of Website Kit to simplify the deployment and management of S3-based websites for teams. Once the team created their JavaScript/TypeScript-based webapp, they could use the kit to create underlying AWS infrastructure and make it globally available.

Benefits/ Outcomes:

1. Creation of secure websites- no access to client’s IPs
2. Quicker global availability

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