Artificial intelligence dominates the technology headlines – but many of the use cases are about “the future.” For our enterprise clients at Brillio, AI is here today.

Call it “AI for the Real World.”

We’ve build a broad, deep team of technologists focused on AI. We’ve built out own AI platform: Brillio Minerva. And we’re moving into this brave new world with tremendous speed, exploring how to incorporate AI into every Brillio solution.

We see enormous potential for AI in digital transformation.

Forget about tomorrow: Put AI to work today.


Brillio Minerva


Brillio Minerva

The core of our artificial intelligence solution is a platform called Brillio Minerva. We combined some of the world’s best open source AI technologies with our own intellectual property to create a decision support ecosystem that’s intuitive, fast, and super-smart.

With Minerva, we can help you do more – and we can you get there faster and easier. We can build ready-to-run AI-powered solutions in weeks, not months.


Minerva’s AI Modules
& Capabilities


Minerva’s AI Modules
& Capabilities

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Self-Learning
  • Machine Vision
  • Image Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Speech Analytics
  • Expert Systems
  • Optimization
  • Robotics

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