CV Suite

Brillio’s CV solutions allow machines to identify people, places, and things in images faster and with greater accuracy. Built with deep-learning models, it automates the extraction, analysis, classification, and understanding of useful information from a single image or a set of images. It helps businesses reduce operational overheads, improve efficiency, and reduce manual labor. Our CV suite features advanced algorithms for image/object detection, classification & recognition, X-ray disease classification, OCR-based document reader, etc. .

NLP Engineering

Brillio’s Natural language Processing service uses ML to uncover information from unstructured data. The service can identify critical elements in data, including references to language, people, and places, and the text files can be categorized by relevant topics. Brillio’s NLP engine offers cutting-edge algorithms for call log classification, service request routing, text-based spam detection, feedback mining, text summarization, text standardization, and aspect-based sentiment analysis.

Classic ML

Brillio offers a broad set of Classic Machine Learning services across industries and recognized traditional, structured data-based ML for predictive maintenance, voice-based emotion detection, campaign personalization solutions, recommendation engines, pattern recognition, topic modeling, and classification. Brillio delivers tremendous value to our customers by leveraging our acclaimed ML@Scale implementation framework, enabling seamless digital transformation.

Responsible AI

We empower our clients by designing and implementing responsible AI frameworks that help businesses avoid biases in data or algorithms, and gain and maintain users’ trust. Such platforms address AI effectiveness, explainability, data risks, biases/ fairness, compliance, and robustness, and help remove biases from the algorithms during model experimentation. We leverage fairness metrics to detect biases in Predictions during Model Testing. This approach builds trust, improves customer loyalty, boosts revenue, and creates brand differentiation.

AI Industrialization

Brillio developed a proprietary ML @ Scale framework to improve the time to market for Data Science Products. The framework enhances agility and delivers high scalability that builds trust in business decision-makers with radical transparency and explainability of the model pipeline in production. The framework focuses on reducing redundancies in model building, improving ease of management, and providing better auditability for users.

Applied Intelligence

Brillio’s Applied Intelligence offering is a smarter, more agile & effective way of collecting, processing, and analyzing data. It generates transformational insights that help identify clear, actionable opportunities, and automate everything possible to unlock tremendous business value. The main three pillars of our Applied Intelligence Framework are advanced analytics, AI & Automation. We leverage the combined power of these technologies to drive our clients to become powerhouses of the new digital paradigm.




We leverage our AI strategy consulting framework that explores the Art of Plausible to ‘imagine’ high RoI use cases, plan business value realization, manage change and run AI Labs. To identify breakthrough AI opportunities we conduct Art of ‘Plausible’ sessions based on a speculative design thinking framework that focuses on problem finding and defining new experiences, with minimal disruption to existing technologies and processes. These Art of ‘Plausible’ sessions are preceded by Brillio AI Immersion sessions where we educate customers about cutting-edge applications in CV, NLP, Advanced Visualization, Classical ML applications.



With ML@Scale, we aim to reduce the technical debt of projects and time to market, while also enhancing the performance of new models through improved compliance, explainability, and reusability. Our solution leverages the ModelOps approach using Artificial Intelligence and decision models for enhanced business problem-solving. It operationalizes end-to-end Model Lifecycle management and enables a shorter time to value for implementing AI Use cases. Brillio’s solution enables high scalability, significantly lowers the effort and costs to production, and reduces time to market.



Enabling machines to identify objects in moving or still images is one of the wonders of technology. To empower our clients, Brillio has developed an advanced Computer Vision solutions suite that allows machines to identify people, places, and things in images with accuracy at or above human levels with much greater speed and efficiency. Our solutions include Object detection, Image analysis, Spatial analysis, Face detection, and many other services ready to be deployed.



An NLP-based solution that brings to surface emotional context from text-based interactions. In the business world, generating actionable insights with the proper context is essential. Organizations can use these insights to deeply understand the delight or displeasure level of the customer and plan their next conversations and interactions accordingly. This is an extremely powerful tool in the arsenal of modern, digitally-transformed companies, significantly improving both customer experience and organizational fluency.


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The accelerator toolkit simplifies operational processes in the data science stages by removing redundancies, dealing with anomalies and driving context with pre-built intelligence. The toolkit includes accelerator solutions for CV, NLP, Classic Machine learning problems and AI led insights consumption & visualizations.

A rigorous data science testing framework that brings the best practices in technology to the data science models, catalyzed by the accelerator toolkit in the production environment.

The post-production model management framework keeps track of data and model drifts and enables the CoE to build and run cost-effective models.

An NLP-based solution that brings to surface emotional context from text-based interactions. Organizations can use these insights to deeply understand the delight or displeasure level of the customer and plan their next interactions accordingly.


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Sandhya is a seasoned analytics professional with a keen interest in helping customers drive the adoption of big data, business analytics, and AI. Her deep experience in crafting roadmaps for digital solutions and data / AI products for sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain functions enables a quick and agile monetization of enterprise data. She has handled complex and diverse business portfolios across multiple customers and regions with P&L and people management responsibilities.



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