Spreadsheet to Web Application

Even those businesses that emphasize risk management are now finding spreadsheet manipulation to be an unsafe yet common phenomenon. Brillio can help you identify and implement a secure spreadsheet risk-management process.

What this service is

Keeping data secure

Unauthorized manipulation of crucial spreadsheet data has been the result of billions in losses for financial institutions across the globe. Because of this—and an increase in regulatory strains—there is a growing demand for a more transparent and efficient process for utilizing spreadsheets. This is where Brillio's multichannel, Web-based tool offers a solution.

Brillio’s swap is a Web-based solution that combines the interactive power of spreadsheets with role-based security, enhanced traceability and control, and a rich user interface for process improvement. The customizable development framework is designed to work with even the most complex spreadsheets. It is also fully integrated with audit, workflow and reporting capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Database integration enables analytics and data-mining capabilities.
  • Interactive features and solutions contribute to a rich user-experience.
  • Regulatory compliance, audits and reports are streamlined within a collaboration platform.
  • Customizable Web-based framework is compatible with even the most complex spreadsheets.

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