Brillio reaches 5000 young minds through technology; aims at empowering 100000.

‘Bringing Smiles’ is the theme for our overall global CSR initiative. It essentially stands for bringing joy and smiles to young minds through digital technology and technology intervention. Brillio has committed to achieving a goal of reaching 100,000 young minds, aged 10-16 years old, globally by 2020. The company aims to be an influential part of their lives, helping to shape their careers over a span of 6-7 years, supporting and mentoring them. The organization aims to achieve this with the help of its employees; who have volunteered to pledge 100,000 hours of their time. 

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Social Responsibility is the Soul of our Organization

Brillio’s initiatives are all employee-centric. Recently we conducted an internal survey amongst the millennial employees asking about the three things that inspire them to be a part of Brillio. Undoubtedly, CSR was amongst the top three. This is mainly due to the inclusion of the employees in our initiatives and challenging them to strive better.

Volunteering is recognized a great deal in the company, and takes a structured course. To give you a perspective on the numbers, 5000 volunteering hours have been clocked to date and impacted 5000 young minds. Brillio recognizes its employees’ efforts through various reward-based programs. One such example is our ‘Hike and Smile’ initiative at Brillio, which encourages and rewards our top 10 employees based on number of hours volunteered; with a fully sponsored mountaineering/hiking trip

Stories from Brillians

"The 3 keys to Bringing Smiles: Caring about children, Daring for children, and Sharing with children".

-Ashish Pandey, Senior Test Analyst

  • I’m grateful to the Bringing Smiles team for providing such a great opportunity to volunteer for a social cause. “Bringing Smiles” have given us a platform where we can contribute to our society, either as a company or as a group of people. 
  • The kind of happiness I get from volunteering at the school: AWESOME! Interacting and playing with the children there reminds me of my most cherished childhood memories. The children show a lot of energy and interest in all the activities we conduct for them. How great would it be if more Brillians joined hands to bring smiles to these children!
  • Let’s be the reason someone smiles today!


20% of our workforce volunteered 5000+ hours 30% supported financially

Bringing Smiles
through Technology

Supporting 20 Schools and 5 Non-Profits in US and India with Science and Digital learning

Recent Projects
literacy sessions
We work with more than 20 government schools in Bengaluru and Trivandrum in India. We have implemented digital literacy sessions and four e-learning centers for them. Also, in 15 of these schools we have Science, Technology, and Digital sessions with the facility to conduct hands-on science experiments and develop computer and computer-application knowledge, which weren’t available otherwise
Share a Meal
Through our ‘Share a meal’, in Seattle, US, every Thursday the employees of Brillio skip a meal to contribute that money to buy food for the underprivileged. The employees who usually step out to get a meal, instead eat a very light meal one day per week to help the ones in need. The donation collected through this event goes to a Food Bank that works towards eradicating hunger.
sunrise middle school
Brillio supports students of the Sunrise Middle School, which is the lowest ranked Middle School in San Jose. We are providing them richer experience in technology education on a regular basis.
We also encourage the Thank God it’s Friday! (TGIF) concept, but with a twist. Since the inception of the Bringing Smiles program, every Friday from 2 to 3 pm the CSR volunteers at Brillio step out to teach and spend time with underprivileged children in Bangalore and Trivandrum.
Brillio has 50 e-teachers, across the globe, teaching Science, Math and English to rural students in India via Skype and Google Hangouts. This initiative is done in partnership with eVidyaloka, a not for profit organization

Just over a year ago, we came together to embark on a journey to bring smiles to over 5000 lives and have committed to helping many more. The gratification of our efforts brought on a sense of togetherness that transcended through Brillio. Now we are embarking on a journey to integrate sustainability in all our future efforts through our new “Bringing Smiles – Sustaining Happiness” Initiative. We together plan to explore, inspire and ignite the spirit of Sustainability and embed the mantra of ‘Act Responsible, Think Sustainable’.


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