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How CIOs Can Create a Winning Agile Team

Flexibility, agility, and cost-efficiency: these are the three magic words every Chief Information Officer (CIO) looks forward to when executing a project – to create better software faster! 

Your 16-Point Litmus Test for the Right Agile Development Services Vendor

Finding the right agile development services vendor is a bit like getting a tattoo. You could find a great design but picking the right artist can make all the difference between ending up with an awe-inspiring dragon or a badly drawn garden lizard. In choosing agile development software vendors, as in life, we are our choices. To help you choose wisely, here are sixteen critical questions you must ask of your vendor.

A High-Five Approach Unlocked to Graduate from Agile to DevOps

Gartner says that, by 2016, Development to Operations (DevOps) will evolve from a niche to a mainstream strategy employed by 25% of the Global 2000 organizations. DevOps transformations are happening across enterprises of all sizes in almost every industry vertical.

How Agile Helped Brillio Quickly Deliver a Pricing App to a Market Leader

When a leading manufacturer of retail consumer goods came to Brillio for a new app, the timelines were tight and the stakes were high. Our client was on a quest for a new product pricing application and we were given just three months to come up with it. It wasn’t just a case of high expectations. Apparently, failure to deliver the app on time would drastically impact the business division – it would have to be dismantled. There was a lot riding on the outcome of this app development project – not just for the client, but also for us in terms of how we take pride in being able to deliver the ultimate solution against all odds.

What CSR Can Do for Corporate Reputations

A lot of people see CSR – rightfully- as giving back. My own thoughts are not far from this tangent. Fruits of labor are all about reaping what you sow – and with CSR, the harvest is turning out to be plentiful. 

Building an Effective Technology Stack

We have talked at length about the big data opportunity, but we know that in order to achieve desired outputs and goals, we need a platform and technology stack that can act as an enabler and business accelerator. But what exactly needs to be in your technology stack, and what other factors should you think about?

Developing an Integrated Data Strategy

Here is something we see a lot: companies working on big data projects that are opportunistic rather than strategic. While this makes sense considering the world in which we all live - new priorities emerge that need to be tackled immediately – it often leads to fragmented efforts. 

The Truth About Digital Transformation

As business leaders, we know we need to think strategically before acting tactically. This approach is applied to many activities, including digital. To tackle the opportunities and challenges digital poses to their organization, many leaders believe they need a comprehensive, well-defined long-term plan that addresses every issue around digital transformation. 

Questions from our Webinar – Designing a Knowledge Repository

What’s on your mind?

Many of you attended our webinar Big Data Analytics: Designing the Knowledge Repository, but we ran out of time to answer all of your questions during the session. So we wanted to take the time to answer some of the questions with you in this blog.