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Developing an Integrated Data Strategy

Here is something we see a lot: companies working on big data projects that are opportunistic rather than strategic. While this makes sense considering the world in which we all live - new priorities emerge that need to be tackled immediately – it often leads to fragmented efforts. 

The Truth About Digital Transformation

As business leaders, we know we need to think strategically before acting tactically. This approach is applied to many activities, including digital. To tackle the opportunities and challenges digital poses to their organization, many leaders believe they need a comprehensive, well-defined long-term plan that addresses every issue around digital transformation. 

Questions from our Webinar – Designing a Knowledge Repository

What’s on your mind?

Many of you attended our webinar Big Data Analytics: Designing the Knowledge Repository, but we ran out of time to answer all of your questions during the session. So we wanted to take the time to answer some of the questions with you in this blog. 

Upcoming Webinar: Developing a Knowledge Repository that will Generate Actionable Insights

We’ve talked about the rapid experimentation approach to big data analytics during our previous webinar and in past blogs. We’ve also touched upon the benefits organizations can derive from this type of model: the freedom to hypothesize, then quickly work to build/test/evaluate, and eventually scale meaningful findings. But to do this, organizations need to invest in a technology platform, what we call a knowledge repository, which can tap into data sources to unlock real value.

The 5 Lessons Your Competitors Can Teach You About Big Data

There is a phrase in business we all know well: ‘Innovate or Die’. While this is true in many regards, we believe organizations should also embrace another, equally important idea: ‘Learn or Die’.

Data Management & Governance: The Often Overlooked Aspects of Big Data

When people talk about big data analytics, they often focus on “cool” or “cutting” technologies – predictive and prescriptive analytics, causal analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, etc. Or they talk about findings and insights that make a difference to the bottom line. Of course latter is why companies invest in big data, but we find that people often overlook the very critical issue of data governance and data management. 

As FSIs Grow In-House Technology Capabilities, Broad Adoption of Analytics Lags

Taking a hybrid approach to building an Insights team: Why and How a Technology Partner Can Help

Creating A Culture that Supports Rapid Experimentation

In our webinar Big Data Analytics: The Move Toward Rapid Experimentation we talked about how organizations can leverage rapid prototyping, and adopt a philosophy of “little bets” to harness the power of Big Data. Part of the discussion, and several questions from attendees, centered on how companies can support and use rapid experimentation within their own organization.