Business Event and Stress-Testing Simulation Tool

Given the complexities inherent in banking today, financial institutions need to have real-time insights into P&L scenarios in order to make improved business decisions. We can help you solve for tomorrow with financial stress testing.

What this service is

The problem with legacy systems today is that they typically lack agility. Businesses commonly fail to meet the current demands of real-time analytics and reporting. At Brillio, we aim to bring peace of mind to the market with an easier, more reliable solution to stress-testing.

The HANA-based Enterprise Business Event and Stress-Testing Simulation tool is designed to help address business requirements efficiently. Our solution is capable of executing real-time tests and delivering analytics for banking and financial institutions to accelerate confidence in decision-making.

Key Benefits

  • Measure both credit and market risk portfolios accurately.
  • Stay compliant with BASLE, CCAR, FSAP and DFAST norms.
  • Stress-test and forecast losses for incremental change.
  • Access real-time results and understand their impact on KPIs.

Case Studies Using Service


A US retail bank with the goal of increasing revenue through greater wallet share.


A global financial services company with assets in excess of $1.5 trillion, providing financial services in retail, investment banking, wealth, and treasury.


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