Brillio Imagine and Realize

The Imagine and Realize program re-imagines the customer experience.

What this service is

Digital engagement is all about creating solutions that address a specific customer experience, enhance a particular business operation, or unlock new revenue potential. Before you can realize the power of digital, you must first identify the specific problem statement you want to solve and then determine how to leverage the right technology and data to make it real. And, this must be a design-led, collaborative process. Brillio Imagine and Realize is a program designed to build working prototypes that address a particular business challenge or need rapidly so you can test, optimize, and then build for scale.

The Brillio Imagine program is a six- to eight-week engagement that includes all the elements to build a working prototype of a specific digital experience. We integrate all the necessary design, technology and data inputs required for you to demonstrate to the organization how the new digital initiative will roll out when scaled.

Key Benefits

  • Translate your business objectives into an actionable plan.
  • Demonstrate how your digital initiative will rollout when scaled.
  • Reach the right customer, at the right time, with the right message.
  • Customize each experience in the most powerful and engaging way.

Case Studies Using Service


The client is a Southeast Asia-based Retail Bank


The client is one of the oldest and largest independent futures brokerage and clearing firms in the United States. They serve a global network of introducing brokers (IB) and many of the world’s largest financial, industrial, and agricultural institutions.


A US retail bank with the goal of increasing revenue through greater wallet share.