Brillio + AWS

Brillio is a global recognized Skill Program Partner for AWS. This partnership allows Brillio to deliver agile, innovative solutions to the clients without the heavy lifting of managing the hardware IT infrastructure. Officially launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services provide Cloud computing to more than a million active customers every month in 190 countries

Brillio's Implementation of AWS


Mobile and web applications with enhanced user experience by delivering content with reduced latency and consistent performance.



Microservices with server less backend for websites, event driven data processing, filtering and transformations and also automated backups.



Custom RESTful service endpoints optimizing communication between clients and application encapsulating details.


Real Time

Web traffic real-time content clicks and views rearrangement based on content popularity.



Non transactional data store for holding critical metadata information of workflows related to big data processing, transformation and ingestion.


Big Data

Ability to analyze high volume data in timely, accurate and reliable manner driven by events be it on-demand or pre-scheduled.

Areas of expertise

  • Serverless Architecture & Micro Services
  • Automation / Devops
  • Governance / Standardization
  • AWS Lambda
  • API Gateway
  • Cloud Front
Big Data Analytics
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Case Study

Scenario : A Large global biopharmaceutical company in the US wanted to build secure, self-provisioning portal to run clinical trial simulations on-demand and keep compute costs low.

Solution : Brillio’s DevOps scripts contained entire system from application components to multiple AWS infrastructure resources. Client was able to centrally manage reusable templates, blueprints and libraries with pluggable tool chains & workflows with fine - grained policies & security controls built into scripts.

Benefits :

  • Every environment is independent, repeatable, consistent, testable, 24/7 systems with no downtime
  • Enforcement and compliance guaranteed with policies built into the template/script
  • Reduce clinical trial simulations time from 60 hours to 1.2 hours

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